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Welcome to the MCC South subgroup. This group will focus on the Downtown Detroit, Dearborn and Downriver areas.

We added Subgroups so you could more easily connect to those MCCers who matter most to you.

We have broken the subgroups into two distinct categories:

Geography- easy to understand

The ideal client- this one is set up so that you can connect with individuals that are going after the same decision maker as you. Yes, some folks here may sell the exact same product as you, but most won't. In fact, we find that those who we perceive as "competitors" are often our BEST source of referrals.

You'll note that this "subgroup" of the site behaves just like the rest of our site.

There is no limit as to how many subgroups you can join. We recommend that you be in at least two- your primary territory and your ideal client.

We are looking for leaders in this sub group. Contact Terry Bean if you are interested.


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