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This group is dedicated to keeping up with the Blood, Sweat and Gear Campaign. You will find out schedule of events, ways to participate and all of the updates and progress we make together!

Welcome to the Official Home of the Blood, Sweat and Gear Campaign. We are so glad you found us.

Gandhi once said "Be the change you wish to see in the world". We all want to see positive change in Detroit and surrounding areas, so let's step up and BE that change.

The HOW and WHEN you can help:

We will be attempting a four day BLOOD drive. Our goal is to have mobile units in a different section of the area each day. We will provide that information as well as a current list of blood donation sites soon.

The SWEAT will be taking place August 12, 13 and 14. We will meet at 17405 Lahser Detroit Mi (blightbusters HQ) at 9:00 and 1:00 and then head to the work sites. You can come for 20 minutes or 3 days...all is appreciated and you WILL LOVE IT!! Dress in your worst clothes, the work we will be doing is dirty.

We will be collecting the GEAR all week long at a myriad of locations (list of locations to be added soon) throughout the city. Click HERE to see the list of what is requested. Since money is # 1, make checks payable to: Operation Kid Equip or donate online below.


For one half of a week in August we want all of Detroit (don't care if you're in the city or 40 miles from it in a suburb, we are all DETROIT) to come together and focus on a common cause: Positive change through collaboration. There are lots of different groups doing great things for our area. Let's join forces and focus our collective energies.

We will support three charities during the Blood, Sweat and Gear Campaign:

Blood- The American Red Cross of Southeastern Michigan

Sweat- Motor City Blightbusters

Gear- Operation Kid Equip

Why these 3 causes?

Because the Red Cross does great work for our community and the rest of the world and needs our help. They are low on blood and there are lots of us who can contribute (only about 10% of the population donates. We can hopefully change that).

Blightbusters is an organization that has made positive change in their corner of Detroit for over 20 years. They exist to restabilize, revitalize and repopulate Detroit. Selfishly, it would be AWESOME if we could raise enough $$ that we could prop up several different Blightbustersesque organizations throughout our area. No one should have to live next to blight. We now have the bodies to make a difference. Wouldn't it be cool if we could get some of our unemployed paid to clean up or area???

Operation Kid Equip is the new kid on the block. They have the small and noble goal of ending poverty forever. One of the biggest causes of poverty? Lack of proper education. This happens when students aren't properly equipped with the tools they need for success (pens, paper, notebooks, rulers, calculators, backpacks) Operation Kid Equip works with schools, teachers and parents of underprivileged kids to get them this gear.

Why are we doing this?

Simple. Because it's the right to do!

Want to help?  Make a donation here.

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