Logo_white Common Login Problems

If you are having trouble logging in, take a moment to check if any of the common login problems below are applicable.

If you are still having trouble, please contact support at support(at)groupsite.com

My password isn't working...
I can't remember my password...

 Invalid user/password

If you see a message saying "Invalid user/password" then you are either entering the wrong password or the wrong email address.

Make sure that you are logging in using an email address which is associated with your account. Also, make sure that your CAPS LOCK is off and that you are typing your password correctly. If you still get this message, then try resetting your password.

I'm getting a locked out message

Your account has been locked out because of too many failed login attempts. Your account will automatically be unlocked in a few minutes and you can try again then. If you no longer remember your password, reset your password.

I clicked LOGIN and "nothing happens" and/or
the login page redisplays without any error message

Check to make sure that you have enabled both JavaScript and Cookies in your browser. Both JavaScript and Cookies are required on the Groupsite.com website.

Why do I have to login so much?

Normally, your session will expire after one week of inactivity.

However, if you click "Logout" or if you use security software which clears out all private data and/or cookies when you close the browser window, you will have log in again.

To prevent this, don't click "Logout" and don't clear out any browser cookies for sites ending in groupsite.com.

When I try to log in, the system says:
"This email address has yet to be verified"

 This email address has yet to be verified

If you see a message saying "This email address has yet to be verified." then you are trying to log in with an unverified email address.

Simply follow the instructions in the error message in order to log in.