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DrakeTek looking for potential partnerships.

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  • Tue, Feb 23, 2010 9:06 AM

Hello All! DrakeTek is open for business and looking to establish relationships with other individuals or small businesses that may be targeting the same clientel!

Please read below for more detail of what DrakeTek is and provides. I am targeting small businesses, or home-based businesses, with typically from 1-15 employees. Let me know if you’re interested in connecting with each other to talk more detail.

DrakeTek Mission & website

http://www.draketek.com/ – DrakeTek’s mission is to help small business discover, implement and utilize today’s technology which will result in money and time saved. It’s easier than ever to implement paperless solutions in a small business or home-based business. It’s also more critical than ever to make sure you have your business records and data backed up and easily accessible. Get started today!

Visit the DrakeTek website! http://www.draketek.com/

Please Sign-up to receive DrakeTek communications! http://www.draketek.com/ Now that you are aware of DrakeTek (if you weren’t already!) I would like to ask you to take one more moment to head on over to the DrakeTek website and sign-up (or opt-in) to receive our regular communication. Just go to the website (www.draketek.com) and then type in your email address that you would like to receive our communications at in the space provided on the homepage. That’s it! You will then receive regular (but not too much) communication from DrakeTek. I appreciate it!

Thank you again for reading this email. I look forward to exploring potential partnerships with you. Please forward this email to anyone that you think would be interested in this information or could use the services of DrakeTek. Thank You!!

Sincerely, —Bill Drake —DrakeTek

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