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Share documents with other members of your group, some guideline are applicable.
Note: We still exercise freedom of expression but with some courtesy and consideration.


  • Files uploaded should be of "benefit for all" belief, as much as possible.
  • All personal images (Logo, images for own profiles etc) must be hosted on their own, in a different host.
  • All self promotion material own flyers / own Posters must be hosted on their own, in a different host.
  • Flyers and Ads for events (Business, Charity) - it is the responsibility of people, who uploads to remove the files after the event.

 Why Have Guidelines?

  • Philosophy of common benefit of all of us, for courtesy sake.
  • 25MB space limit in CX, lets use it wisely.
  • Most files/links that are being uploaded to MCC are repeated / duplicated from your own or different site. So why repeat it?

Help : Functionality / Operation, What is "Hosting on my own" ?, General questions. Contact Henry Joshua

You do not have permission to upload files to this group.
To upload a file, contact your group manager(s).


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