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What is your personal objective?

A better question is how often does it change?

Did you know that on the website, the most powerful thing you can share with us is "Your Personal Objective"? (although the most important thing is your picture). I have a new objective that I will be sharing next week. When will you change yours? You do have one, right?

One of the core beliefs that drives Motorcityconnect is the idea that helping someone else, helps us too. A wise man called it "selfish altruism". Those two words aren't together often. But it is one of the strongest two word phrases I have ever known.

Another core belief is gathering together and breaking bread. Today we have two options:

Tre Monte  (click to RSVP) will be a good place for you to have lunch if you are near Troy.

My westside friends should join me in Plymouth. I'm in a giving mood and feeling good about it. Show up and see what I can do for you.

If you missed our last Bocce event, you missed a good time. We're doing it again next Tuesday. Check it out here.

Share your objectives so you can help us while being helped yourself. Join the discussion and answer "Who do you want to meet today".

Look forward to seeing you online, at a meeting and in the community.

Be Networked-






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My Company has a great opportunity for you.  check out my website at www.accelerateufirst.com and then email me at steve@accelerateufirst.com for compensation and further program details.


Thank you,


-Steve Nardin



My philosophy is "givers gain". I believe in order to expand in business one needs to be open to others. I want to expand my network, but also meet new people and help them to expand as well.

WinkHi everyone in the community of MCC!

My Name is Christina M Cairo, and I just started in the MCC family.

I am trying to get familer with MCC and other social networks. I just started in my career, Reid Assocaites Life Insurance and more, and I am trying to not only obtain new clients but also trying to help others make connects or help them any way I can.

My personal objectives would just be that!

One- To make connections in my community and get active!

Two- Help others any way I can!

Three- To build a new client base!

I have to say I just entered my field of sales and Insurance and understand that we are facing hard times. However if you have any input in how I go about obtaining new clients please let me know. I really need all the help I can get.

Also, if you need help in connections or advice let me know! I might be able to help you out as well!


Best Regards,

Christina M Cairo  

Reid Assocaites

24800 Denso Drive

Southfield, MI 48033



Thank you!!!!!


I am looking for a position with a company that is dynamic - full of positive energy & excitement. I prefer a company that has the potential for growth. One that has a strong product portfolio. A company that is investing in marketing and innovation.

I am a result oriented professional with a proven record of accomplishment in the Consumer Products and Capital Equipment industries. Blue Chip Company experience & training with Eastman Kodak has provided me with very strong core business skills & aptitude. Extensive experience in national account management - especially in the mass channel. I have extensive experience with all classes of trade and channels - from food, drug & mass, to specialty channels, wholesalers, food brokers, and more.

While I am looking, I would like to meet as many MCC members as possible face to face and understand how I can help them.


Hmm. I wonder about my self portrait - I did it Photoshop. I think it is a pretty good resemblance. 

Professional Objective: I believe in entrepreneurship. I want to help small businesses and start up succeed in their marketing and sales activities. 

Personal Objective is to expand my network of like minded peers. I enjoy meeting people and learning more about them as well as sharing experiences.  Currently I am enjoying my experience as a part time adjunct professor -- I am finding that I like teaching as well. Great feeling when you learn that you had a tremendous impact on someone! 

Hi Everyone,


My name is Christina M Cairo and I have justed joined with the MCC. I am still trying to get used to how this particular social network is set up.

My Personal and Professional objectives are the same. To achive sucess and help others. I currently volunteer at ramdom places and I love to help others. I really like to reach out to all, you just never know where you can help out.

Next, would be sucess, whos goal is it not? I just started with a great company Reid Assocaites and I can wait to really dig in. Since I am new to the Insurance company it is taking me some time. However I keep chuging along and hopeing I will break through.

Currently I am looking for new clients and prospects to achive this goal. I am currently doing Life Insurance, IRAs, Long Term, Estate, and more... Like I said I am fairly new and so if you have and suggestions, I would greatly appricate it.


Thanks so much!


Christina M Cairo  

You know I've been blessed to have spent the last 18+ years working with some interesting, hard working and caring individuals.  Not all at once, but often many at a time. Unfortunately like all good things that opportunity has passed.

My personal objective is to find a new group of people to work with who have these same or similar qualities. To be able to come home at the end of my day satisfied that I've done my best job and that I have the respect of those I've encountered that day.

All of you are in the right place. MCC is the best place to network. Let me give you a couple of best practices.

Keep an eye on the calendar. Attend live events as well as working the discussion boards.

Give answers to questions.

Ask SPECIFICALLY for what you want.

Attend Terry's MCC learn.

Scroll through old discussions and asks to see who you can help.

I am always available to answer questions and I hope to see you at a LIVE event soon



Profile Image for Sharrie R. Sharrie
  • Tue, May 12, 2009 12:48 PM

Hi Renee Those are all GREAT tips. I also use them myself. I beleve in helping one another out. I am working 11-7 won't be ale to go to the Downriver meeting. Talk to you soon, Sharrie, Downriver clearance.


I'm Carol & I'm new too. I'm an outside sales rep for Comcast business services. In other words I sell dial tone & internet connections to businesses.Great low prices to save the small business owners some cash

My objective is to be succesful of course. But to be a HUGE NETWORKER.

I'm looking for partners, phone hardware sales reps, computer reps,etc.

They can get in my referall program & get $100.00 every time I sell a deal. I make money & so do you.



I am looking to build my network of travel agents who can sell our cultural tours to Japan.

I have several personal objectives:

  • always be positive - the glass is always half full - I chose to be a part of the solution and not focus on problems so much
  • connect with others and help them find their "perfect client"
  • read 1 self-help book each month and put what I learn into practice [currently reading FEEL IT REAL by Denise Coates]
  • raise another $2,000 for the Children's Leukemia Foundation Walk by May 30
  • each month, help 1 new person start their own independent comfort consultant business
  • sign on 5 brides to take advantage of my FREE bridal registry services
  • sign on a presenting sponsor for my Dearborn Women's Expo event

Julie Sullivan
Event Planner for the Dearborn Women's Expo
Independent Comfort Consultant - Private Quarters


My personal objective is to create a strong local network in the Royal Oak and Ferndale areas. I do have an event planned for Friday. It's called the Livio Launch party. I know there's now a Red Wings game on the same night. We're preparing for the game (renting tv's and alerting our RSVP's). I want to get more people and companies involved. If you know anyone or if you yourself are interested in finding out more or lending a hand please let me know!


My personal objective is to combine dance/fitness exercise and helping the unemployed with a positive avenue to finding a job. 

By providing a once a month opportunity with a way to relieve stress and get healthier and have people network.

Profile Image for David S. David
  • Fri, Jul 3, 2009 12:13 AM

ComfyQuarters is in business to serve others by providing safe, comfortable and affordable housing to consumers. We also provide investment opportunities for other investors. Contact me for more information.

My objective is to help revitalize Detroit and its surrounding suburbs one home at a time.

Please go to my Facebook fan page and become a fan of mine. See what I've been up to and maybe we can work together to get our fellow citizens into appropriate housing that they can afford and be proud to call home.

Please follow this link and become my fan!



My personal objective is to find a new position in sales / account management in a consumer products company. I welcome all inquiries and offer my assistance to others in similar searches. Please contact me directly at: 248-672-9044 or tvick01@comcast.net



I have a two-fold personal objective:

1. To expand my network contacts so that I can share key connections here on Motor City Connect.

2. I am currently attending Rochester College pursuing my degree in Public Relations. My objective is to find people in PR/Marketing/Promotions who are willing to do one of two things or both if applicable:

A. Job shadow for a couple of days so that I can gather insight into day to day job functions.

B. Allow me to work on a current project with them so that I can gain some practical experience to compare to what I am learning in the classroom and make my educational experience an even better one.

You may reach me by email at


Please include Motor City Connect in the subject line.

Thank you and have a great day!

Katie Marroso

Wow I just reread my personal objectives from May and as it is now August and I've jumped into launching this new business here are some new objectives;

To find 6 companies that can use the services of a statistical analytic consultant.

I am still blessed with being able to work with a bunch of hard working caring individuals.  That just happens to be the members of MCC.

My personal objective is to transition into a new employment opportunity. Please take a look at my networking profile. networking_PROFILE_vick.doc

Perhaps you know someone in my targeted companies. Thanks in advance for your help.


ps - if you are also in transition, please share your profile and I will keep an eye open for you.

Good afternoon and Happy Labor Day weekend!

I'm looking for sponsors for a fundraiser to find an early detection test for pancreatic cancer. Email me at janine@j9media.com for more info.

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