For MCC's 11th Birthday (today) I have gifts for you

I just sent this blast:


Cake by Lori Maceri for MCC's 3rd Birthday Bash

You may be 11, but you don’t look a day over 2009 (about the last time this website was updated. HAHAHA/SAD!!!)

So hard to believe that this all started because I setup a Yahoo! group 11 years ago today (hat tip to Mike Morley for being member 2 of that group). Hundreds of connections where people found new clients, partners, jobs and talent later and we are still going. Maybe not as strong as we once were…but we’re still going.

Not only are we still going…but we are actually still growing. Which is wild. That leads me to some interesting announcements that will continue to unfold over the course of the month. For now, I’ll just say Jeff Clatterbaugh and I put on our first joint happy hour last week. The 30+ people who attended all had a blast. You can bet there will be more of that. Also looks like we will be changing some things up at lunch time too. Again…more details to come as they are finalized. So stay tuned.

Enough about what’s coming…Terry said there would be gifts. Give me give me give me (clearly I have a kid. Are your kids like this when it’s present time?)

Gift 1 – I made this little training on how to use LinkedIn Search more effectively for a Human Resources Group. I know it says it will only be up until November 3, but I will leave it up there through the weekend for you all. Yes it was made for HR, but it absolutely is applicable for any of you. PLEASE give it a look. It will help you find the people, companies and ideas you need! And if you’re interested in creating your training, let’s talk. I’m doing some work with this company now.

Gift 2 – Here is a quick video on how to better leverage social media to grow your business. I think this is so important that I’m doing a whole class on the topic in 2 weeks.  (Not really a promo video for the class…just mostly tips for you).

I have to be honest, there was a time when I thought MCC would die a slow death. As I look toward the future I see a lot of good things happening. I know many of you won’t participate, but those who do are in for a heck of a ride. Strap yourselves in…the next 11 years are going to be awesome!!!

Cheers to a very happy birthday. Thanks for being a part of it.

All my best-

Terry Bean


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