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Tonight we saw the lunar eclipse, and made fries again, this time without the sugar. I didn't notice much difference in the taste.

I'm involved with a couple of different networking groups, mostly dedicated to senior citizens, but a friend told me about a yahoo group called Motor City Connect. It's mostly an online forum, you post your message, who you are. what you need etc. They also meet every so often in different restaurants around town.

I joined the group on Monday afternoon, within 10 minutes I had 3 responses from people who knew people that are in home care, or deal with senior citizens. I have two meetings already set up through this group.

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Nice to see you here Albert. Do you know Adam Sterling? He's a great guy to know in that space for sure. He's at Henry Ford Village and they host a meeting monthly.

If there is every anything I can do for you, please do let me know.


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