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If You Read This, Come Say Hi

When Motor City Connect was an remarkable place to be, there was a ton of conversation. People used these discussion boards to ask questions, meet new people and share what they were doing in general. It was great.

Networking face to face is excellent because you don't miss out on the non-verbal communication queues. Networking online is great because you can scan and connect with so many people so fast. Combining the two was the original cause of Motor City Connect.

I'm posting this because I saw three posts in this discussion group that all have over 300 views. I'm kind of curious how many this one will get. But honestly, I want more than just views, I want conversation. Will you engage with me? With us?

Not sure where to start?

Tell us where you live, work or grew up. Don't like those options, tell us about your favorite restaurant, Michigan business, or book. Bonus if you tell us what you do and how we can help you be better at it.

I'm grateful you found us, and/or have stayed with us. 

Get Connected-

Terry Bean

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I was born and raised in Detroit, and am very passionate about helping Detroit become a 'force' once again.

To that end, I am involved with a great non-profit that is 'remodeling' neighborhoods throughout Detroit—it's called "Life Remodeled."

In the past 5 years, they have remodeled 8 neighborhoods, and the past two years have focused on two high schools and the surrounding neighborhoods: Cody and Osborn. (Summary video: https://vimeo.com/136561223). Each of the past two projects have been valued at over $5M each—all done with volunteers and donations!

So, let me encourage you to get involved yourself, or mention it to the company you work for. They will be doing Denby High School and the surrounding area next year (Aug 1-6, 2016), and would like to do more than they have in the past.

For more info, visit their web site: http://liferemodeled.com/

Mark Besh
Visual IMPACT!
Advertising and Marketing Services


Hi Terry and Friends...

I'm currently enjoying the sunny view outside my office window while our swimming pool team pours a patio on our SpongeBob Bikini Bottom Pool (www.legendaryescapes.com) or Facebook.com/askthepoolguy.

We are also getting ready to launch our book Organic Marketing: A Guide to Defining your Certain Way on the heels of Our Certain Way. So we are keeping busy!

We have franchise plans in the works for both our swimming pool service company, and for our hybrid swimming pool construction methods. Right now, we are in need of a temporary fall helper to help us close swimming pools. If you know of anyone who would like to make some extra cash working a few days a week (enjoying the fall weather) please have them give us a call 248-478-4978!

I also belong to a pretty amazing group of business people around the country. If you'd like to check it out, please do as my guest:I'd like to invite you to join an incredible network of motivated individuals across the country that are focused on becoming the best they can be in life. All of the information about the program can be found on the website - www.arete-hpa.com. This is a movement that is was formed as a result of the awesome Summits (Business Conferences) that AL and I attend around the country with amazing people. The Arete focus is to bring a dose of this amazing inspiration to more people in the comfort of your home or office. I know most of the speakers on their videos sharing tips and inspiration personally, and know that connecting with them is only a phone call or email away.

If you'd like to join this group which I know will keep your momentum going forward: go to www.arete-hpa.com and follow these simple steps:

1) Scroll down on the home page to the section "Join the Arête Network."

2) Click "add to cart"

3) Enter the super special code, "summit", click apply code

4) Register and you are all set. Your invitation to join their private LinkedIn group will be sent to you on the following Monday. Then get ready to learn, grow, and be inspired to take action to grow in business and in life.

I hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to grow and become the best you can be!






I was born in Detroit and raised in Livonia. I'm a proud graduate of both Michigan State and the University of Michigan, and it comes as no surprise to any of you who already know me that I LOVE this state, and all its wonderful cities and hamlets.

With that in mind, I operate two initiatives that I am equally passionate about. The first, and longest running, is Buy Michigan Now. Its a statewide campaign to encourage organizations and individuals to purchase locally and create jobs by keeping more dollars inside the state. If you work for or own a Michigan-based business, please be sure to join the campaign (for free or for a nominal annual fee) so that we can help connect more people around the state to your business. If you're coming at it from a consumer perspective, please consult our directory, grocery guide, gift guide, etc. to help you be part of our state's economic reinvention. You can find it all at www.buymichigannow.com.

The second MI-based effort is called the Michigan Positivity Project. We harness the power of social media to adjust some people's negative perceptions about Detroit and Michigan in general. You can get involved very easily by tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, etc., photos, links, videos, statements, that demonstrate your love for our state using #MIpositivity. We're also looking for people with special talents to join us in specific ways. If you can shoot or edit video, write music, take photos, use social media, write a lesson plan (we want involvement from teachers), lead a scout troop, etc. we'd love to hear from you. Send an email with MCC in the subject line and let us know what time and talents you may have to offer: Info@buymichigannow.com. I look forward to seeing more #MIpositivity throughout this thread and learning more about you all.



Hi Terry,

Your name is familiar to me.  First of all I was born and have lived in the Flint area all my 45 years except for a brief stay in Ft Polk Louisiana and Ft Hood Tx during the first Gulf War.


I have been in sales since getting out of the Army in 1991 From Paint to Home Improvements Roof Trusses Cars and Now i have my License to sell Health and Life Insurance.

Lately i have seen so many Go fund Me pages to help pay for a funeral I have been to spaghetti dinners and fundraisers at the Eagles. I have joined a great firm helping working class and small business owners protect their families with low cost insurance plans that if not used will return their premium to them. How can you lose?


Hi Lance...your name is familiar as well. Are you with Ian Prukner's team? Life insurance is an important piece of the puzzle for sure. All my best!

Good Morning Terry,


No not with Ian Prukner. Hopefully i can get down to the meeting this week and see you... Because as names are elusive to my mind i never forget a face.


Thanks for letting me in the group.


Lance Glazier


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