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Suits for Soldiers makes me wonder: Can we do more than just "THANK" the Veterans??

I just sent this blast:

Yesterday on Facebook I saw a post that read something to the effect of: “Men who wear a helmet to guard a football should not be paid as much as men who wear a helmet to guard our country”. It’s a truly moving point, it really is. Unfortunately, even if War was a reality show instead of a news item, the true heroes still wouldn’t get much of the pay. 

It’s kind of whack (can’t think of a better way to describe it) how we treat our returning soldiers. Sure, it’s better than for those who fought so valiantly in the Viet Nam era, but that’s not saying much. These are men and women who give up a part of their lives so we can go on and live ours without interruption. That’s a pretty big sacrifice. Some have offered the BIGGEST sacrifice and have paid the ultimate price. And today we offer them “Thanks”. That just doesn’t seem like enough. At all. Not even close.

Suits for Soldiers

I was fortunate to get to meet a man the other day who is doing more. A lot more. Scott Fader returned from service a little over 100 days ago. He spent time in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army. While he was there he realized that the Army was great at “onboarding” (bringing people on to the team” new recruits, but that the re-entry into civilian life was lacking. Sure they had you write a resume and watch “how to” interview videos, but that wasn’t enough. Many returning veterans have a hard time finding a job that pays $11/hour.

Which is weird because there are major incentives for hiring vets. Depending on the type of job and the veteran, companies can receive up to $8,500 for doing so. And vets are loyal. They are hard working. Most of all, they need jobs and are willing to do most anything.

Suits for Soldiers is way more than just providing Suits for Soldiers. Eventually, Scott envisions a building that is a true resource center to help soldiers make the transition.

In Scott’s first 100 days back in the Detroit area, he has helped over 45 veterans find work. He has a goal to help over 750 returning veterans find work in 2014. You can help.

Are you hiring? Let Scott know!

Do you offer services in and around employment? Let Scott know!!

Do you have money to donate? Let Scott know!!! or donate HERE

Maybe the next time you see a soldier in a Starbucks you can buy them a latte. Perhaps you will see one in a restaurant and you can buy them a beer. Or a meal. Although I’m sure it is perfectly acceptable to simply say Thank You. I like to always add in a little “welcome home”.

Speaking of, I’d like to thank some of our MCC members who I know are veterans:

My cousin Chris Hart. Friends Scott Ferguson, Dave Biskner, Bjorn Olson, Troy Bloomquist, Van Shumaker, T. Paul Anderson, Dean Ditto and to the many, many more who have served…Thank You. Call me and we will go get a cookie ;-)

You guys, whether you have served, or not rock. Thank you for being a part of Motor City Connect. Do let us know what we can do for you!

Be connected-

Terry Bean


On the off chance you wish to leave MCC, HERE is a 30 second video on how to do just that!

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Great idea!  I have a top coat and asked family members if they wanted it . . . no one wanted it.  I prefer it go to a vet who needs it for an interview.

Jean Zawlocki

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