Are you a solopreneur? New schedule starts next week in Novi.

I just sent this blast:

Been giving thought about how to add more value to our illustrious group. One of the things I’ve noticed is that we have many, many “solopreneurs” or one man gangs as it were. The needs of these very important businesses are quite different than those for larger companies.

Laid out a plan last night in an effort to provide a lot more support to the small business owner. Before it is laid out, I would like to ask you (solopreneurs) a question. What are the biggest challenges you face in business? Please answer and join the discussion. Want to make sure we have the right value proposition for you.

The NEW schedule

We asked a couple of weeks ago where you would like to see meetings. The results suggested the following:

Week 1 of the month will be at BD’s Mongolian BBQ in Novi.

Week 2 will be in Troy (we think…still don’t have a good location)

Week 3 will be at Brahns in the Livonia/Northville corridor

Week 4 will be at 526 on Main St. in Royal Oak.

When we have a week 5 we will be in the D!

We think this has a nice structure to it. What do you think? BTW, can you suggest a place in Troy? Even if it is in an office on the 7th floor on Big Beaver ;-)

MCC Live Novi

I don’t know about you but I’m excited to go back to BD’s. I miss that make your own stir-fry. Join us this coming Tuesday, December 4 at BD’s in Novi. The topic will be: How to improve your networking RIGHT NOW. I will deliver 10 tips that will make you better the moment you begin to practice them. 

As always, do let us know what we can do to be of service to you.

Be connected-

Terry Bean

I’m running a special on these Networking Training classes.  If you know a company or sales team looking to grow, I have a very nice referral bonus for you if they take the training.

HERE is a 30 second video on removing yourself from MCC.

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Is there a CORE group committed to come to each of them--EACH week?  The key for me is consistent people.



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  • Thu, Nov 29, 2012 1:08 PM

My biggest challenge as a one person business is getting everything done. I know I should be delegating and automating but I have not hired an assistant and don't know a lot about technology for the automation part. Help on these topics would be much appreciated.  

Erin Reas


I appreciate your point Kimberly and that has never been what MCC is about. It's always been a meeting people WANTED to attend, not HAD to.

That being said there are ALWAYS the same people at MCC (well, about 30% of them are the same from meeting to meeting). And there are ALWAYS first time people at MCC (15% or so) And then there are ALWAYS people who show up every few meetings.

It's a great mix!!

I think the biggest challenge is to find a committed and trustworthy business partner (co-owner and not an employee) that shares the vision and is willing to work the business together so that it can grow to the next level. I can only imagine how much more effective the business can become when you double the man power, effort and commitment put in every day.

My biggest challenge is marketing.  Finding that niche media that produces results without costing an "arm & a leg".

Hi Terry -

I have heard that a lot of groups have good luck meeting at Bahama Breeze in Troy.  They have different areas available that are sectioned off and I know of two groups that meet at that location.  You might want to check them out!

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  • Thu, Nov 29, 2012 11:45 PM

Big Beaver Tavern, On Big  Beaver and John R right down the street from Hooters to give you a reference point.   FYI my other cousin place I can hook you up if you wish....

The biggest challenge for my business is marketing.  How to effectively market my company and keep up to date with new technology.

My biggest challenge as I move my practices from Pittsburgh to Detroit is getting to be known in this area.  I know that I need to network but it is difficult to find the time.  I hope to attend some MCC meetings in 2013.

I agree with Wendell. Marketing is also my challenge. It can get very costly. That is why I rely on Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about my business.

I have a suggestion for a meeting spot - The Signature Resturant Bar & Grill at the Riverfront Apartments and Condos in Downtown Detroit. I love the place.

Maggiano's in Troy, on Big Beaver East of Coolidge, might be a good option.


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