Connecting the D, The BIG 5000 has been reached and a note on SPAM

I just sent this blast:

BIG ideas for Detroit

Have you heard about “Connect the D.?” (click the link to join the initiative). Simply stated it’s an effort to create collaboration between the many communities and community leaders who are doing great things in and around Detroit. The initiative was started by Keith Zendler, founder of People Movers (expect to hear much more about social networking platform soon) and has been joined by the Detroit Regional Chamber, Leadership Detroit, Arise Detroit and many, many others.

Connect the D will officially kick off in May of this year. Motor City Connect is proud to be on board and supporting such a worthwhile initiative. We invite you to click the above link and support the cause. You can login with your facebook credentials or setup a new account. While there, join our Motor City Connect group too.

Congratulations MCC, you are now over 5000 members

While I have zero idea how many of you read these messages, connect with others or even check out the site, I know this is a strong milestone. It’s funny, we’ve reached 4950 members on two separate occasions and each time I deleted all of the “deadwood” (about 1400 people in total). So this is a pretty accurate number. That’s how we are able to average 110,000 page views a month on this site. Is your profile ready for primetime? It may be a good idea to dress it up. Not sure how to best use MCC, take a look at this entertaining and informative video training series.

We’ve also had an increase in the attendance at meetings. If you’re looking to make solid connections and/or learn new things, you may wish to join us. Our next scheduled meeting is April 26. You can RSVP HERE.

A very special welcome to member 5000, Justin Hnatio. Since he’s new here, we are going to give him a little time to flush out his profile and then show him a little more love in the future ;-)

Turns out 5000 members attract spammers

Actually, we’ve dealt with this since way back in the 200 member days on yahoo groups. Here’s the deal, this is an open group. It always has been and I’m not sure what would change that. We want people to participate. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to participate in constructive ways. :-(

It is important for you all to know that in the 4+ years MCC has operated, 99% of all spammers have been removed BEFORE the second report of abuse. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for spam and exercise it QUICKLY. We appreciate your sensitivity to spam and want you to know that we are even more sensitive to it.

Now if any of you legitimately have large sums of money in African bank accounts you would like to connect me with, I am very much open to it ;-)

What can we do for you?

Are you looking for new clients? Maybe you are hiring? Perhaps new knowledge on how to grow your business is your bag. Whatever it is, let us know. Motor City Connect members are notoriously happy to help ;-)

All my best-

Terry Bean

Speaker – Author – Relationship Marketing Expert

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  • Wed, Apr 6, 2011 9:14 PM

Well done, Terry! 5KD!

5000 is a big number anywhere.

Gene Brady

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