What do Oprah, Operation: Kid Equip and Music in the City of Ferndale have in common?

I just sent this blast:

Sure, they’re all going to be mentioned in this post, but it’s deeper than that.


I’m not a huge fan, but I did set my DVR for Friday at 4:00. Why? Because she recently ran a contest inviting stories about people who have made a significant impact on their communities to be in the audience. One of the people of whom I’m a HUGE fan, Menachem Kniespeck, was submitted by a good friend of his to be considered for his work at Operation: Kid Equip. Guess what? Out of the probable THOUSANDS of responses, Menachem was one of 300ish people in that audience. I’ve heard rumor that there was other special happenings and all will be revealed this Friday, November 19 at 4:00. Will you consider watching? Many, many KUDOS to you Menachem for all of the GREAT work that OKE and our supporters have accomplished.

Music in Ferndale and OKE-

You already received a note on this Sunday night, but it bears repeating. This Saturday, Why You Jam is bringing together a tremendous line up of music. I’m excited because I’m going to get my groove on (and celebrate my 40th by bitching about the music being too loud). It’s a great line that will be well attended and proceeds from this event will be going to support Operation: Kid Equip. Will you join us this Saturday at the Magic Stick for this monster celebration?

The Challenge

Rick Weaver has laid down the Gauntlet for MCC members to help him find “a manufacturer or to someone that builds water treatment, sewage treatment, or pumping stations”. Please click HERE and see if you can help.

MCC Live

MCC Live Commerce is this Friday, November 19

MCC Live Royal Oak is next Tuesday, November 23

Adios 30’s

This is my last post as a 30 something. Isn’t it funny how OLD 40 seemed when we were 15 or 15 (it was a typo that I left cuz it represented how OLD I am ha ha). Mentally I feel like I’m 19. Physically, 26, Spiritually 82ish and I’m 40 (tomorrow). I guess that almost evens out from a mathematical perspective.

I want you to know that I appreciate each and everyone of you being a part of Motor City Connect. It is truly one of my favorite accomplishments in my 30’s (I actually chronicled them over the past 30 days on my facebook page. I’m weird like that).

Do let us know what we can do for you!!

Be connected-

Terry Bean

PS- I am looking for an early stage angel investor who has $100-150k to seed tribal graph. I can’t even begin to describe the ramifications of this initiative. It’s going to be that huge and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. This is a solid investment for anyone who will be alive and would like to have a lot more money within 28 months.

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Thanks for the Why You Jam Thanksgiving Showcase mention... I can not wait to give you a noogie for your b-day :) just to clarify. the Show is not in Ferndale (thats the magic Bag) this is at the Stick which is at 4120 Woodward Detroit!

Hope to see you all there!!!


So I got the name right and city wrong where as I thought (and Jennifer Roosenberg confirmed) that I got the city right and name wrong.

Oh well ;-)

The Magic Stick in the D it is!

Terry Bean that is sooo true about the age thing and I will watch oprah on Friday watching it right now she has the healing person topic on with people that have seen this man..

Happy, happy birthday.  May your next 40 be as eventful and fulfilling as your first.

Mabel Flowers

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