WOW! What a BIG time indeed

And just like that, it's in the past.

With all humility, I must say I am very proud of what 4 (all of whom did this strictly part time at best) people pulled off in less than two months. This wasn't even an idea on February 1 of this year. To have so many great sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and such a tasty cake in such short order is AMAZING.

In a day filled with highlights, it's hard to focus on just one or two. So I won't in this note. I will post my response below and would love it if you would please share yours too.

What did you love about the event yesterday?

Did you make some good connections?

Did you learn some valuable information?

Most importantly, did you enjoy yourself?

There were 400 people at least at this event. Please, just take a moment and respond to this. I don't feel like that's asking for too much.

Be connected-

Terry Bean


Big THANKS to Stephanie Styron, Karen Ashker Bean and Charlie Wollborg for making this happen.

The Troy Community Center was an awesome venue and their staff totally rocked! I hope they stay open.

To our speakers , you were ALL amazing. I am still hearing great things about you.

To TelNet, the referral program  that will get our members paid up to $350.00 per referral gets announced next week. This will be huge for you and all of us (click the hotlink above and join the subgroup for a sneak peak).

To our Sponsors, Salesfire, Scate, Graceful Credit Solutions, Snapfuze, CMG Leasing, Time's UP, Flood Law, KnowledgeCrush and the Mastermind Alliance...Thank you so much. It was totally awesome of you to step up like you did.

To our Sponsors and Exhibitors . Thank you for taking such an active role in our day! 

A special plug for Snapfuze, if you got a chance to hop in that photo booth you know how cool it was. If you're having a party, festival or other kind of gathering, get them there. Your guests will love it!


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Terry, Charlie - Great event, great enery and opportunities, I look forward to future events through MCC. 

If you were kind enough to ask how to buy my new book, The Universal Guide to Business Networking, the answer is click this link: It will take you to the new Amazon listing (so new, the image isn't up yet). THANKS!

Terry Bean

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I am new to MCC and only wish I had been there for all three birthdays.


The Birthday bash for NUmber 3 was out standing. It Stixx is a product trhat has to be seen for people to respond to it and what it can do for them and there business. Going to our site , is helpful but nothing beats people seeing it touching it and taking one of our cards and playing with it.


Having a booth at the Bash will pay dividens for us over and over. The contacts made, seeing people that I had not seen in a long time and just being in such a rick environment was just fantastic.


Yes we will get business from being there, and tat is great but connecting to so many great hard working people was even more inspiring.


Thanks to all who have built such a great group.


Tedd case

It Stixx

248 670 8724


Wish I had seen you there - it's been far too long! Thanks for thinking of me, though!

And I agree with you and Drew - it will be hard to top it for next year, but T&C are quite creative...

Cheers -



I think all of us are "out there" and get used to some pretty mundane events.  The MCC 3rd B-day Bash was NOT one of those.  I talked a couple of folks into joining me and as we entered, we were immediately stopped by so many well-wishers - including Terry.  Needless to say, they were ALL impressed!

I had the opportunity to listen to several of the speakers - many of which "blew me away..." (Dave, Steve, Kimberly, etc.)  Loved the quick format - though I missed a good one due to the time mix-ups.  Job Well Done - to the presenters.  I heard new, fresh stuff.  Very cool.

I loved the feeling that I wasn't at "work" while I was there.  It was a festive, fun environment which didn't involve "in your face" selling...  Of course, cake always makes life even better.

Met Michael Wickett who told me that the key to happiness is 1) being non-judgemental and 2) being grateful.  Again, WONDERFUL advice...  And, I am grateful for MCC and the people who make it happen.  Thanks for a fun time!


Yes, it's truely amazing what you've done in only 3 years. My hat is off to you Terry.

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