WOW! What a BIG time indeed

And just like that, it's in the past.

With all humility, I must say I am very proud of what 4 (all of whom did this strictly part time at best) people pulled off in less than two months. This wasn't even an idea on February 1 of this year. To have so many great sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and such a tasty cake in such short order is AMAZING.

In a day filled with highlights, it's hard to focus on just one or two. So I won't in this note. I will post my response below and would love it if you would please share yours too.

What did you love about the event yesterday?

Did you make some good connections?

Did you learn some valuable information?

Most importantly, did you enjoy yourself?

There were 400 people at least at this event. Please, just take a moment and respond to this. I don't feel like that's asking for too much.

Be connected-

Terry Bean


Big THANKS to Stephanie Styron, Karen Ashker Bean and Charlie Wollborg for making this happen.

The Troy Community Center was an awesome venue and their staff totally rocked! I hope they stay open.

To our speakers , you were ALL amazing. I am still hearing great things about you.

To TelNet, the referral program  that will get our members paid up to $350.00 per referral gets announced next week. This will be huge for you and all of us (click the hotlink above and join the subgroup for a sneak peak).

To our Sponsors, Salesfire, Scate, Graceful Credit Solutions, Snapfuze, CMG Leasing, Time's UP, Flood Law, KnowledgeCrush and the Mastermind Alliance...Thank you so much. It was totally awesome of you to step up like you did.

To our Sponsors and Exhibitors . Thank you for taking such an active role in our day! 

A special plug for Snapfuze, if you got a chance to hop in that photo booth you know how cool it was. If you're having a party, festival or other kind of gathering, get them there. Your guests will love it!


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I loved the fact that Charlie had 3 pieces of cake before most of the crowd had one. That's just funny to me.

I loved watching people flowing back and forth between the speaker rooms and the expo room. I thought it was such a great lineup and I can tell others did too.

I loved that Stephanie and I made a moment to hangout in the snapfuze booth and get some cool pics.

I loved that David Haslam walked in with a red folder, the contents of which was my very first published book. How cool! I'm an author now.

I loved hearing from so many people yesterday and today about how much they loved the event. After all it was for you, not for us.

Can't believe I forgot to mention Lori Maceri in my first post. So Sorry. You and your cake were AWESOME. Awesome.

Soup and Scoop totally rocks!

Loved it, well worth going. You guys did a great job. My favorite was the speakers. In fact, if you want to read more about my thoughts on the speakers, you can read them in this post:  "MCC Birthday Bash - what I learned can help your business"

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Great event Terry and Charlie! We had so much fun...

As the (un)official scrapbook photographer, I've got some pretty cool pictures. You can go to the blog here and check it out.

If there is anything we can do to help you, please don't hesitate to ASK!

BTW, I got the first signed copy of Terry's is becoming InSights recommended reading. I highly recommend that you get a copy. He's got his amazing insights all gathered in one place...homerun!



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As one of the founding members of MCC, it did my spirit good to see the expo room and the hallway packed with people... what an amazing organization MCC has become!

I had a great time reconnecting with those I hadn't seen in a while, had to laugh when more than a few folks didn't recognize me without hair (but it is coming back now), gleefully made a great connection with Allan Curtis and Sandi Maki, and was very pleased with the audience response to my talk.

It was a great "I'm back!!!!" day for me, and certainly a wonderful testimony, Terry & Charlie, to the community you have built.

And Lori, the cake was the crowning glory - gorgeous AND delicious!

Linda Angér, The Write Concept, Inc.


It just wrote a long message and it was erased by back paging.  This just shows how dedicated I am to saying what a BLAST I had--knowing the computer challenged girl that I am.  It was like being at my wedding with all these people I adore, but didn't have enough time to talk to.  Hmm. . . I wonder how my husband would feel about that statement.;)

I loved the speakers I watched, Dave Peckens and Linda Anger. 

I left my table most of the time to just hang out and talk to people.

I did make a few contacts that may be HUGE--time will tell.

But my ALL TIME HIGHLIGHT was getting a book signed by Terry!!  Not only is it the GREATEST networking book on the PLANET, but it will be worth a LOT of money someday (soon) as he becomes even MORE famous.  If you haven't gotten one, DON'T miss out on having a first printing of a best seller!!  PRICELESS!

So, all in all, I hated it. LOL!!  BEST vendor networking event BAR NONE that I have EVER been to!!!


Can you FEEL the love Terry? Can ya FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL the love??






I loved connecting with people face to face. I loved introducing new members to others I know and connecting them. I really enjoyed serving people. I had a great time just relaxing and great conversation. It was great to see what people do and listen to them explain it in person. It is an extraordinary group of people that make you feel like family.  Really happy to see you Linda and your warm cheery smile. You are an inspiration.

Thank you for letting me be a special part in your special day.

Lori Maceri

Maceri's Soup & Scoop, Pitas, Subs, & Catering

Anthony Maceri & Sons Wholesale Produce & Food Distributor 

I was there late, but stayed later than most to make up for it.  It was amazing to see so many faces I knew and many new ones.

Luv'd the quick presentations - perfect for a twitter generation.

Hats of to Bean & Wollborg for keeping MCC going.

Now how we going to top it next year?

Great event!  I didn't get a chance to hear the wonderful speakers, but liked the 15 minute format...nice idea!

I enjoyed stopping by the booths, meeting new people and the "Happy Hour" party...great job at putting it together and I'm sure next year will have many more participants!

It was good to get back in the game of networking by having a table.  I enjoyed seeing familar faces and making new friends.  

I love the fact that everything went smooth and was well organized.  I missed the opportunity to play in the photo booth.  But heard a couple of great stories about what happened in the booth.

I miss the presentations but had a great tasting piece of cake.

Mekeba Massey

Onelove Designs/JK Jewel Kade Independent Stylist


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  • Sun, Mar 28, 2010 12:28 AM

Terry, thanks for the SnapFuze shout out. Also thanks to everyone at MCC and all who stopped by to check us out!  We had a great time setting up the Photo Booth, talking with all of you and meeting some other great businesses that will help us spread the word about our services.  We've been DJing for over 10 years, but the Photo Booth is a pretty new thing for us, so all of your suggestions are very helpful.

Oh yeah, I can't forget to mention that we posted the photo booth photos! They're up on our blog and also up on our Flickr account at MCC 3rd Birthday Snapfuze Photo Booth Photos.

Outside of SnapFuze I'm personally interested in getting more involved in Michigan's Social Media community, so please reach out and let me know about all the tweet-ups, meet-ups and anything else where great cake will be served!

Edited Sun, Mar 28, 2010 12:29 AM

I brought a guest who enjoyed it and also connected with some people I hadn't seen in a while. Shared some great laughs and recalled some "back in the day" stuff which is always fun. Great job and kudos putting on such a great event!  

Great concept for the event.  It was a nice mix of information sharing, business networking and plain old fun!  I enjoyed reconnecting with quite a few past colleagues as well as making some new connections.  Thank you to everyone involved in making the event a success.

Profile Image for Steve H. Steve
  • Sun, Mar 28, 2010 3:03 PM

I wanted to thank everyone at the MCC Birthday Party for the warm welcome. This was my first MCC event.  I am new to the process of networking and finding that I have a lot to learn.  I really enjoyed the presentations.  I found myself wanting to attend both presentations going in each room at the same time.  I am looking forward to making new frinedships and contacts over the course of many more MCC events. 

Profile Image for Raven H. Raven
  • Mon, Mar 29, 2010 10:55 AM

What an amazing day!  Truly. . . .I came away from that entire day feeling SO blessed to know the incredible people that God has so graciously placed into my life.  Not only did I connect with folks I already know, I made many new connections and got to finally meet some great people in person that I had only met online prior to the event!  I love the diversity of MCC and I love that everyone truly cares.  And those who don't will weed themselves out! 

The vendors and sponsors were great and I was so busy trolling the aisles in the Expo room, that I never got a chance to mosey across the hall and listen to any of the speakers.

Terry and Charlie. . . .thanks for welcoming me into MCC and for making me feel like I maybe finally belong here in the D.

Lori. . . .your cake was sinfully delicious. . . .which is probably why Charlie scarfed down three pieces. . . .one for each year of existence (or else he was performing "quality control"). . . .and I'm sure it will look much better on his butt than on mine :)

The Happy Hour @ Joe Kool's was. . . . .well. . . .really Kool!!!!  What a great gathering and the staff was refreshingly friendly and accommodating.

And. . .made it to The Joe in time for the 2nd period, so thank you to the Red Wings for waiting until I arrived to start the scoring and thank you for kicking Minnesota's butts and racking up more crucial points in the push for the playoffs! 

Too many people to thank individually, so thank you to everyone who made the event such a wonderful experience.  I'm with Drew on this one. . . .how are we going to top this event next year??!!!

Last, but not least. . . .how the hell do we obtain a copy of your book Terry?  I think I was already in a cake / sugar coma when you announced that on Friday :) :) :)

Many blessings to all!


Fabulous event Terry and Charlie! As a sponsor we were thrilled to meet many new faces and reconnect with some folks we haven't seen in awhile.

Congratulation on your success with MCC. It was the hard work of your team that benefited all of us.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt

Looking forward to many more,

Karen Cynowa

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  • Mon, Mar 29, 2010 11:10 AM

As the first MCC event I've participated in, I've got to say I was impressed. Harbor Computer Services had a table there and we met so many people running interesting businesses. We had a great time. I was exhausted by 5pm and so didn't make the after event but I plan to attend future events and get to know people a little better.

We're going to keep up our no strings attached give-away of free computer network monitoring and reporting for a full year for MCC members. This is the tool that allows businesses to get advance notice when something goes haywire. This allows you to nip problems in the bud before they become expensive. We'll allow you to use it on 10 computers and 1 server, so take us up on it!

Amy Babinchak

Harbor Computer Services - 248-850-8616


Thank you for a great event. I look forward to being involved with future events and meetings.   What I like about Motor City Connect  is the core message and the people that are apart of this business group. Thanks again to Terry and Charlie for all that they do.


Terry, Charlie.

It has been a pleasure to be a part of MCC over the years.  Terry, this has been a dream of yours for some time and I am glad to be a part of it as that dream becomes reality.

Linda, I missed you at the event.  It is great to see you out and about.

I have to ask the same question as Drew: "How do we top this next year?"


Terry, the only thing I could think about while I was at the MCC Birthday event was the words of our illustrious VP Joe Biden "Wow this is a big 'Frikin' Deal!" Laughing

Seriously it was a great event and can't wait for next one.

By the way, I read half you book this weekend and should finish it tonight.

Take care

Steve Sadler




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