The MCC History- In the beginning...

Since March signifies our 3rd year anniversary I thought it prudent to share the history of MCC with you.

Motor City Connect was the convergence of two ideas that were brought to me by outstanding networkers.

1. In June, 2005 Dave Biskner, Sandra Maurer and I started meeting to discuss forming a Linkedin User Group. The idea was to get together for face to face with Detroit area Linkedin users. This was long before Linkedin had their own "groups" functionality, even though lots of groups existed on the Yahoo platform. We spent a lot of time together to find out Linkedin would not grant us permission to be a formal group.

2. Kirk McNeil said he wanted to start a face to face networking group like no
one had ever attended. The idea was to bring your laptop and the names of the companies/people you were trying to meet. If someone had an "in" they would give it to you. It was like playing a big game of "go fish". Seven of us gathered around a table at Biznet's world HQ in September, 2005 for our first meeting.

The first idea basically died on the vine and laid dormant for well over a year.
The second idea grew and prospered and lots of people started connecting. I
still see many MCCers who remember the old "effective networking meeting" days. It's important that I acknowledge Karyn Stano for the work she did organizing those meetings in 2006.

In late 2006, I opened a yahoo group called Motor City Connect and invited 10 people to it. In March of 2007 it became time to grow that group. And grow it we did!

Stay tuned for the next edition...

Be connected-



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I remember those days. When I had on speed dial every member of MCC... its been quite a ride, and only by the activity of the members here have we had such wonderful growth.
The first "Effective Networking Group" meeting I was at had maybe 20 people, and it was in the basement of Dave Biskner's Office at H.T.
would it be ridiculous for me to say "those were the day's"?

I remember getting every message in my emial inbox from the MCC yahoogroups account.

Whoa..the nostalgia..

Terry, great work on MCC.  I know this is a dream and passion of yours.

yeah, I remember the good old days, no rules as I recall, the "anti" network group theory. the group never met in the same place twice, never at the same time, met in the LDMI boardroom even after Terry no longer worked there, and if you showed up for too many meetings, we deemed you unsuccessful because you had nothing better to do than go to meetings... fun beginnings, :) way to go Terry.! dream=reality. you are a good man Charlie brown. 

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