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Would you pay $5.00 to be a member of MCC (read first, then answer)

Lots of people have been suggesting that Motor City Connect should charge $5.00 per month for membership. When asked why, the responses have been:

It will make apparent who is serious about being a member

It increases the value of membership

You (well me, Terry) will spend more time focused on it

We can do more good for our community

The potential downside is we go from a group of near 4000 to a group of a hell of a lot less. Arguments have been made that the group is a lot smaller regardless (I am inclined to agree).

I would love to hear from you all on this topic but especially from the people who don’t chime in often.

I look at how the value of this group has increased since we were a small yahoo group and know that with a bit of an income from it, we could do GREAT things for all of our supporting members.

If we did it, the change would go into effect September 1. We would give all members who sign up September-December for $15.00 and you would have the choice if you wanted to do it again in 2010.

Be connected-

Terry Bean

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I joined to network to look for work. Unfortunately I have not found work for an extended period of time which makes it difficult financially to attend lunch meetings. It also makes it difficult to pay for memberships.

I think $5 fee is reasonable though I might make it a joining fee and not every month, at least for those who are unemployed. 

I would say that as someone that has used the free model to start up, it was fine for what I needed at the time. Members!  There comes a point though were it is a value to participate and be a member.


$5 isn't much to ask.  But if you are looking for active, participating members I have to put my barter hat on and ask this:  why limit it to cash basis only?  After all, barter is what I do! :-)


What if membership costs something - but offer alternative forms of paying.  Perhaps you need something done or an errand that might save you an equivalent amount of time (and therefore money) or maybe you need office supplies (on an annualized basis, $60 in office supplies can be helpful!)


Just a couple thoughts.  I would say no to free at this point.  There is a lot of value add in being a member.  But no reason we can't be creative!

Why in the halibut was it $5.00?

My goodness.

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