Get ready for the Red, Green and Sledgehammer!

Anyone who was an MCC member is December of 2007 will remember when we raised Blood, Bucks and Blankets for the Red Cross. In fact, that was one of the initiatives that attracted many members to us.

Well, this time around we have added some fun and a whole new way of bloodletting ;-)

Instead of just supporting the Red Cross, we will be supporting three charities:

Red = The American Red Cross Detroit
Green = Operation Kid Equip
Sledgehammer = Blightbusters (click this for a cool video from last year)

The great thing about this outing is the potential for mix and match. While you can give green to any of them and may lose red to two of them, you have to promise not to equip the kids with sledgehammers.

The vision is to pick three days in late June or early July when we can rally together to make a difference. I want to know, are you with me???

We will line up physical locations to drop off blood and bucks (hopefully we will have an online engine for the bucks too). We will also spend some time doing demolition on blighted out houses.

I think Charlie sums it up best when he suggests its one thing to break bread with someone but its a totally different bond you get when you swing a sledgehammer with them.

We need people to step up and be the change we need to see around here. This is but one option. These groups need your help and our support. We can make a difference. NOW.

There are different levels of involvement and one will surely fit you. On the low end you could simply forward some messages to your address book or facebook or twitter. On the high end, you can help all 3 causes and share the story. What will you commit to doing?

Please respond to this post if any of this interests or impacts you.

Be connected-

Terry Bean

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I know I already posted this under the "Charitable Groups" section, but just in case you missed it:

Salsarita's Fresh Cantina in Troy will be hosting a fundraiser to benefit Operation: Kid Equip.

Operation: Kid Equip works to break the cycle of poverty through education by providing free school supplies and books to local low-income children.

The fundraiser will be held Wednesday, Nov. 11 from 4 - 8pm at Salsarita's Fresh Cantina in Troy at 6892 Rochester Rd.

OKE will receive a percentage of the sales during this event to help the at risk kids of Southeastern Michigan.

For additional information contact Mike (800)948-3169 ext 22 or Jan (248)528-1919.

or visit us on Facebook!

Hey Terry,

I'm starting to get more involved with this group site lately, and I'd love to help out.

In addition, I saw a post that was made a couple of months ago, during buy Michigan week, looking for Media contacts to cover this event.  If you recall you, and Charlie Wollborg, did a networking event for us (the BBB) last year, and one of you probably spoke with Tim Burns to set that up.  He might be a good starting point for you to find the right contacts.

Looking forward to working with some of you on this,

Dan Passage

I'm in. thanks for posting the dates.

Hey everybody. It's me Duane Ahola again. It's been a while. but I just had another thought. Do you have any tools in your garage? Do you ever use those tools or are you like me, did you buy them with good intentions and for some reason never got around to using them? Are you a neat freak and religate old rusty tools to a corner and buy new ones simply because you don't want to clean the rust off. Well people, Blightbusters will be happy to use tools even if they have a little rust on them. If you have an old hammer. sledge hammer, axe, plastic trash can etc. let it live in the hands of a willing volunteer rather than rust away in the obscurity of your garage or storage shed. Better yet "bring it and swing it" at Blightbusters. I'm not in the best of shape this year but I'll be joining the MCC crew at Blightbuster August 12th.

I won't be able to help with Blood as I gave July 23rd, so I need a volunteer to pick up my slack. Pick a thing or two and help support the drive. If Blood or Sweat doesn't float your boat give a buck or two to Operation Kid Equip. There is no really good reason that each and every one of us can't contribute just a little and with over 4,000 members MCC should make a significant IMPACT!


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