Get ready for the Red, Green and Sledgehammer!

Anyone who was an MCC member is December of 2007 will remember when we raised Blood, Bucks and Blankets for the Red Cross. In fact, that was one of the initiatives that attracted many members to us.

Well, this time around we have added some fun and a whole new way of bloodletting ;-)

Instead of just supporting the Red Cross, we will be supporting three charities:

Red = The American Red Cross Detroit
Green = Operation Kid Equip
Sledgehammer = Blightbusters (click this for a cool video from last year)

The great thing about this outing is the potential for mix and match. While you can give green to any of them and may lose red to two of them, you have to promise not to equip the kids with sledgehammers.

The vision is to pick three days in late June or early July when we can rally together to make a difference. I want to know, are you with me???

We will line up physical locations to drop off blood and bucks (hopefully we will have an online engine for the bucks too). We will also spend some time doing demolition on blighted out houses.

I think Charlie sums it up best when he suggests its one thing to break bread with someone but its a totally different bond you get when you swing a sledgehammer with them.

We need people to step up and be the change we need to see around here. This is but one option. These groups need your help and our support. We can make a difference. NOW.

There are different levels of involvement and one will surely fit you. On the low end you could simply forward some messages to your address book or facebook or twitter. On the high end, you can help all 3 causes and share the story. What will you commit to doing?

Please respond to this post if any of this interests or impacts you.

Be connected-

Terry Bean

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Right on!  Count me in!  What are the dates!

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  • Wed, Jun 10, 2009 6:34 PM

I'm interested in Blight Busters and rallying others to join me.

I too am interested in Blight Busters and can probably get some others to join in.  Please keep me posted on the date and time.

I am interested in the Blight Busters and Operation Kid Equip...excited for the dates!!!

Sounds great! Could we add a few high school students looking for community service hours?



I'm in. 

I'm due to give blood again. How about Bloomfield Hills RC? Blightbusters is cool too.

I'd like to use a sledgehammer!  Keep me posted!

I'm looking forward to some dates for these events!  Let's all rally together to make a difference in our world!


July would work for me! Have experience in mucking out homes from Katrina in Mississippi.

I am ready! Got my own sledgehammer too!

Richard (Rick) Carroll

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  • Thu, Jun 11, 2009 9:21 AM

I'm new to this, but looking to help out! 


Have sledge, can swing ;)

Giddy up PEOPLE!

We are going to do something a little different this year. We are going for a 3 dayer. Now I don't expect everyone to go all 3 days, but between the # of people who are in between opportunities and the the amount of work there is to be done, it can't hurt.

The 3 days are July 13-15.

I heard from Blightbusters they are also seeking donations of the following items:

! Axes (sharp)
! Cutter and clippers (for trees, weeds, debris, etc)
! gloves
Plastic heavy duty garbage bins

Far more information to come. This is going to be a BIG time!

Thanks for your support and interest.

Be Connected-


I would be interested in helping out     Charities are always good.  smiley

SO in! 

blight busters, kid equip, would love to help out!  Celebrate the Red White and Blue in July!

I am in but for what I haven't quite figured that out yet! I would like to do the blight busters but not sure yet!!

Is that weekend when everything is happening? I really want to get in on Operation Sledgehammer. :)


I am SO in Operation Sledgehammer

RC won't take my blood,  and don't have much "green" to hand out.  But Blight busting is right up my alley. 

Hubby is good at that too.

Give us a date and we'll be there.

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