Seven things you didn't know about me

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  • Mon, Dec 29, 2008 12:24 AM

There's a fun meme (latest craze) running around the internet called "Seven things you didn't know about me". Thought it might be a fun diversion here at MCC to help up get to know each other better.

Type your list. Click some photos. Or shoot a video. It doesn't matter how you play the game -- just that you play.

You can read Shannon Paul's post or Ken Burbury's post for inspiration.

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  • Thu, Jan 1, 2009 10:21 AM

1. I show dogs as a hobby and had a fantastic year in 2008 - I was breeder/owner/handler of the top Bull Terrier in Canada who also won the Silverwood Trophy for Best North American Bred Bull Terrier. "Marley" (aka Am/Can Ch Nuance Nonsense, ROM) is my husband Mike's favorite dog and likes to lie with her head across his face when he's trying to watch TV.

2. I graduated from Justin Morrill College - a wonderful, but now sadly defunct residential college at Michigan State where you could design your own major. Mine was marketing and communication research, one of the more mundane combinations.

3. By some weird combination of coincidence and design I've never owned anything other than a Chrysler vehicle, and I didn't start working for their ad agency until I was 25. (You have to grant me a little leeway about the 1988 Renault Medallion wagon  purchased right after Chrysler bought AMC. Crappy quality, great design) My parents  bought my first car, a 1964 Plymouth Belvedere from a neighbor and the first car I bought myself was a 1972 Dodge Dart, "triple green."  Today Mike & I own 3 white Chrysler/Plymouth minivans.

3. I credit Tom Peters with my meeting my husband - I went to a seminar where he inspired me to look up an old friend - who's now my brother-in-law.

4. I collect Santa heads.  Just the head, no full body Santas for me! Actually, I rarely purchase them anymore; my sister's mission in life is to find me more. Best item this year was a tiny pack of SH tissues. 

5. My grandfather was in the first sitdown strike at Buick. He lived to be 103 and was very proud of the fact he was retired from GM longer than he worked there. My grandparents pushed my Dad and aunt to do anything EXCEPT automotive.

6. While at MSU during the winter of 1978-9 I jumped off the walkway in front of my 2nd story apartment into a snowdrift. Woo-hoo! The campus had 3 snow days while I was there.

7. The local Bull Terrier club insists I make my "famous" shortbread cookies for our fall show; some exhibitors swear that's the reason they drive cross country to our show  every year.

I LOVE reading these!  It's FUN!

  1. My first "real" job was at a carwash in Union Lake (Commerce).  We had to wear short shorts and tight tee-shirts (not so complimentary for me in those days!) Surprised I was the hotwax selling queen though!  LOL!
  2. I lived in Northern CA for 15 years and was in the BIG 1989 earth quake a block from the fire!
  3. I'm anal about time management (gotta maximize my efforts cause I like a LOT of free time).
  4. I worked for Pepsi-Cola for 7 years
  5. I went skydiving
  6. I make WICKED great chocolate chip cookies with secret ingredients!
  7. I love to brain storm and be around people who make me laugh!

Share the shortbread recipe?  Or is it a family secret?


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  • Thu, Jan 1, 2009 11:42 AM

I'm pretty much an open book so it's typically difficult to find things that people don't know about me but this group should be easy since I don't know many of you (yet!)

1) When I was 10 I was allowed to travel Toronto Transit by myself and didn't think twice about transferring buses and getting around the big city. Mostly I went to the roller rink. When I was in my early teens my friends and I would get on our bikes with a picnic lunch and ride 2-3 hours to the closest provincial park and back.  We'd be gone all day, no phones, no contact and no one worried.  I don't let my kids go anywhere without knowing exactly where they are and being able to reach them at all times!

2)  I applied for a job in a pub I'd been drinking in with my friends for over a year, forgetting I was just shy of legal drinking age.  They hired me on my 19th birthday.

3) I was the first woman to work in that pub since it opened in the 1800's. Two nights a week there paid for my large apartment and my college education.  When I bartended I was expected to drink with the patrons on Saturdays and as a result I learned to "hold my liquor" better than most.

4) I worked as a counsellor at a center for the deaf and organized fundraisers as well. When the local news showed up, I was too shy to be interviewed so I had my deaf coworker speak while I signed what he said on on camera.

5) I used to take a 7 am aerobics class in Toronto (North York) and one of the other participants was Sue Johanson of "Sex with Sue" fame.

6) I LOVE to travel/vacation by myself because I always meet interesting people. 

7) Last week I had to request to reschedule my citizenship interview due to an unavoidable conflict and I'm paranoid they'll make me wait forever as a result. I'm excited to become an American citizen.



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  • Thu, Jan 1, 2009 11:50 AM

I can corroborate Kimberly Kassner's #6.  I have been fortunate enough to try her wicked chocolate chip cookies - warm - with ice cream. They are every bit as good as she says!

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  • Thu, Jan 1, 2009 12:29 PM


No problem - the recipe actually appeared in the AKC Gazette many years ago, it's by Anne Seranne who was a Yorkie breeder as well as a cookbook and dog book author. My technique has been honed over many years, so it may take some practice for yours to turn out as good as mine . . .


Specialty Shortbreads
20 Tablespoons granulated sugar
5 cups all purpose flour
1 pound butter (at room temperature)

Sift flour & sugar together (I mix with a whisk) & set aside.
Slice butter into mixing bowl and gradually work in the flour-sugar with fingers until mixture is the consistency of cornmeal. Press together into a ball, turn out on floured board and knead thoroughly until dough begins to crack.
Roll dough out 3/8 in think on lightly floured board and prick the entire surface at intervals deeply with tines of a fork. Cut into rounds with floured cookie cutter, about 1 1/4 inches in diameter. Transfer to baking sheet and bake in 325 degree oven for 25 minutes or until very lightly browned. Do not over bake. Cookies should be pale in color. Cool before eating. Makes about 4

HINT: Only use simple shapes for these cookies (rounds, hearts, diamonds) other shapes will crack & fall apart before cooking. Do not grease cookie sheet. Line with kitchen parchment paper for best results.



No medication, daily mutli vitamins and lots of omega 3's and exercise.  My wife keeps me on a healthy diet and I live a low stress life.  All good for a healthy heart.

.5 I just finished finished writhing this and fat fingered the keyboard. It took me to another web page and I lost the entire post. I do this at least once a month and still remain in good spirits.

1. I am an urban cowboy. If we run into each other you will likely see me wearing cowboy boots. I have two pair currently; A black pair of shark skin and a black pair of ostrich belly. I have had at least one pair of boots for the past 25 years. Here's the kicker: I don't like either Country or Western music. If you play it in your car, I will get out. I will leave restaurants that have it on. CMT is a waste of a network as far as I am concerned. I don't like the hats, buckles or shirts either...just so you know.

2. I am an introverted extravert. Or is it an extraverted introvert? Either way, I am 50/50 on the idea of meeting new people and I really don't like crowds (unless they came to see me). It's actually a pretty interesting dichotomy considering who I am and what I do.

3. My mother used to teach ballet in the basement of our house. So guess who used to take ballet in the basement of our house? Yes. That's right. ME. I took two years of ballet. In fact I was the lone black sheep in the field of 12 sheep during the recital. For the record I was nine and yes I looked smashing in my tights and leotard.

4. I have a Masters degree in common sense. While I was working on my second major, Communications (my first is Psychology) someone told me that I was trying to get a degree in "Common sense". I remember pointing out to him how uncommon common sense truly was. He quickly agreed. Three years later EMU handed me a sheepskin that says M.A. and it was in Communications. They also gave me a graduate assistantship. It was kind of cool to get to try out teaching as a career at the college level on someone else's dime.

5. I love me some little yellow people. I remember sitting in my suitemate's room watching his TV in December of 1989. It was my first semester of college and the very first airing of a then new show...The Simpson's. Since that day, I have missed less than 10 airing of first run episodes. When I bartended during college people would be at the bar and have to wait until a commercial to get served. If new people walked in, the regulars filled them in on the rules. Too funny.

6. I would rather work with you than for you. I am not sure why, but I am not that good of an employee. I think I have some issues with authority. I may have to work on that in 2009. And by that I mean making sure I am the authority ;-)

7. I find myself very funny. I am not saying I am the funniest person I know, but I do make myself more than anyone else I know. Perhaps it's the amount of time I spend with me. Perhaps I just know my humor. I remember someone once saying "you're kind of funny".  I told him it was a bonus that he found me funny as my goal is simply to amuse myself. And simply amused I am.

I hope you enjoyed learning about me and the other members here. Please share with the group your story. This is kind of fun.

Terry, I find it very amusing that you find yourself so amusing. Chuckle on my friend.

Wow, Terry - we have some interesting things in common...

I took ballet lessons at the Birmingham Community House when I was 5 years old. To this day, my mother loves to tell how in my one and only recital, I stood on stage, watched the other girls, then did what they did - just a few steps behind - to the high amusement of the entire audience.

I, too am an "extroverted introvert" and echo your #2 point 100%.

And, I learned a long time ago that I'm better as a business owner than I am as an employee. I think the entrepreneurial spirit is genetic - my father, grand father and great-grandfather were all biz owners, and today 3 of my 4 siblings own their own businesses, too.

Now, here's a bit I forgot in the earlier post: I once hung up the phone on Gordie Howe.

This first day of 2009 has been awesome at my house - hope that is so for everyone here!


So incredible learning about each of you! Okay, here's some "stuff" 'bout me...

1. My first name actually is Lisa...yes, a far easier name than "Anahid"! We switched to my middle name in first-grade when three Lisa's in class made things a bit too confusing. Anahid was a familiar name for me, so I never imagined the challenges -- Ana-what? Huh? Say it again! Can I just call you Ann?

2. A wonderful track coach saw potential in a shy, gawky 12-year-old, and inspired me to give everything I had through the years to become a strong athlete. Weights, crazy workouts, racing against more experienced athletes, running in the rain, the snow, and through Michigan's 90-degree humidity prepared me to travel to the Armenian Olympics in New York at age 18 and to break the record (and set a new record) for the mile. Named most valuable runner in cross country in high school, I later recall Albion College frat guys yelling out from their windows, "Go Anahid!"  :)

3. I adore traveling. I've been to Europe many times, the first time for six weeks. A neophyte skiier, I actually skiied in the Italian and French Alps and recall one particular ski lesson on a gorgeous, snowy day in Italy -- "Anahida, you Americano no leesen to me!". I've also traveled to Armenia, Moscow, St. Kitts, Belize, Jamaica, and Cancun, and throughout the nation. I take refuge in Miami Beach a few times each year, to decompress at a family condo on the beach.

4. I actually grew up playing the harp, while my desire was the guitar or drums! When my mom pointed to a picture of a harp saying that my dad loved that instrument, I remember nodding my head to learn it. Through the years my troubadour harp was exchanged for a full-size harp with gold leaf. I've performed, and also love writing music for the piano. Music takes a back seat as Anahid plays her work these days.

5. I've been a lover of dance, especially hip hop and jazz through the years. We'd perform and go to clubs as people wondered, "how do they do that?!" Today, Anahid dances with her work.

6. I formed a marketing, branding and p.r. practice in 2004 after a career directing initiatives for major national clients. I am nearing 5 years in business and have a great team and great clients! I feel blessed to guide small and mid-sized businesses in strategically utilizing marketing to increase their visibility, grow, and really flourish.

7. I've always had a heart for helping people. So, a few years ago, I acquired a master's degree in counseling while working full-time (3.89 GPA, with honors!). I counsel clients in a private counseling practice in Bloomfield Hills in getting unstuck and creating a life of passion, peace and purpose -- the life they are meant to live.

I guess that I'll give this a try!

1) My family roots can be traced back to John Adams and John Quincy Adams. My grandmother on my fathers side gave up her maiden name Adams when she married  my grandfather. There were  8 generations of Adams in public service positions through the formative years of our country. She choose to leave home in Boston to attend the U of M. She was the first woman to graduate as a teacher and decided to stay in Michigan and became a teacher in Mason.

2) I drowned in a lake at age 10 and was dead for 6 to 7 minutes. This experience has  left me with no fear of death. I've been there and it's really cool(the most amazing place of peace and calm). My father also had an out of body experience but choose to come back because of me.  I also rode a little red wagon off a bridge into a river and almost drowned again. These experiences are the basis of my keynote speech.

3) I have read approximately 3000 books. My goal is to read 10,000 books before I die. I've got a lot to do!!!!!!

4) I carry around with me a list of 16 things I have to do before my end (my BHAG list). It used to be 17 things but in Sept. 2008, I crossed one off. I  held my breath for three minutes and eight seconds in 104 degree water!!

5) I once drove a truck and trailer loaded with antique furniture 2000 miles to Corpus Christy Texas to sell at an auction down there. It turns out that the auction house owner was a WWII buddy to my wifes uncle. It truly is a small world.

6) My first car was a 1974 volkswagon bug. It had holes all over and tons of rust. I was told in high school that it matched my personality. I still am working on understanding that. My second car was a 1971 bug!!!

7) I have studied all of the major religions in the world. Each has value and has its place. I've learned from each and have been able to apply some of the principles that I've learned. For example, I've learned tolerance for all men and learned that all men are my people. My spirituality is ever evolving and growing. (I've jumped out of a plane and scuba dove on a shipwreck in the carribean too).

Ken tagged me on his blog and I just finished it on mine the other day. Instead of cutting and pasting the whole thing here, here's a link if you really wanna read it.



Happy New Year, Charlie!

I got tagged too, so the full post is on my blog:

1. I can cook anything from scratch. My passion for cooking started when I was 5 with an Easy-Bake oven. I was making fancy side dishes by age 10 and cooking the family dinner around 15. But I can’t stand rinsing lettuce.

2. I am a fantastic Rock Band / Guitar Hero singer, scoring in the 90th percents on the Hard level in RB2 training. My favorite songs to sing include: Kids in America, The Ballroom Blitz, Hungry like the Wolf and anything by Oasis. If I wasn’t a social media/marketing misfit executive, I’d be the lead singer in a rock band.

3. Having worn glasses all my life due to an astigmatism, I have 4 pairs that I view more as fashion accessories than Rx, although I can’t read a thing without them (including the lyrics to the aforementioned Rock Band).

4. My favorite cut flower is a tulip but I also love hydrangeas in garden beds.

5. I have hair OCD. Not mine — my daughters. Zig-zags, french braids, ballerina buns, lattice ponytails, twists, knots, up-do’s - you name it and I love to style it (when they let me). I’ve made more than 100 hair bows for them to match their outfits. My youngest daughter just mocks me silently with her Shirley Temple curls and slowly slides the bows out when she *thinks* I’m not looking

6. My favorite perfume and ’signature scent’ is Cartier’s Le Baiser du Dragon (aka “The Kiss of the Dragon”;).

7. I am deeply religious — much more than people think I am. Every week, I dedicate at least 15 hours to studying scripture, religious doctrine and related books/magazines in order to strengthen my deep faith in God and to teach others the gospel.


1)   My nickname in college was Lovey as in Lovey Kravesit in Matt Helm series.

2)   As a child I had an invisible friend named Elmer who I was always terrified would go down the drain after a bath.

3)   I've lived in St. Louis, San Diego, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, L.A., San Francisco, Cherry Point, Ann Arbor.

4)    I am afraid of heights.  At the CNN Tower in Toronto I could not walk over the glass floor.

5)   I have never routed for the Tigers.

6)   My fondest wish is to visit Xian.

7)   I also have a fear of birds.  Parrots, McCaws, etc. scare the devil out of me.




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  • Fri, Jan 2, 2009 12:56 PM

Greg, I am NOT afraid of heights but that glass floor on the CNTower freaks me out as well!


Wow, 7 things you don't know about me. I tend to put all the cards on the table all the time. So if you have met me you may know these.


  • 1) I am a music lover that is in to JamBands and anything that includes live improvisational music, Including: The Grateful Dead, Phish, moe, The String Incident, all things Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rock, Bluegrass and live.
  • 2) My favorite all-time TV show was "VH1 Behind the scenes" I love music history and information about musicians. ( that's why I started
  • 3) I have abnormally large feet. Size 15!!! (Or 14 with the cut of some shoes. My brother used to tell me I looked like a frog as a baby)
  • 4) My father is a rabbi, but in high school, my favorite food was bacon cheese burgers
  • 5) Now I don't eat meat ( and on the rare occasion that I do, its only kosher meat)
  • 6) I was born in Israel, and came to the USA when I was 7 (yes I am a US Citizen)
  • 7) My favorite author is Hunter S. Thomson


Oh, I forgot to mention, He doesn't know this yet, but Allan Curtis and I are going to become very good friends. We have not even met yet, but after reading his list I can just tell. I had meningitis when I was younger, and died for a few minuets as well. I too have a bucket list, But don't Cary it around with me, I used to drive a truck for a construction company. And I too have studied most major religions, and have a deep love and respect for them...

Allan, Lets get some coffee

Fun!  Here I go...

1.  When I was 13, I was dropped at a pool and had the person who was carrying me fall on me.  (long story).  The EMS thought I was paralyzed, I couldn't move my legs or feel anything for about an hour.  That started problems with my back throughout the years, and they found recently that I have an extra vertebrae.  My parents say it was my tail that never fully formed.  :)

2.  I play volleyball.  I used to be quite good, and as I get older, I get worse.  I played competitive co-ed ball until 2 years ago.  Now that I'm 35 and out of shape, my vertical is about 2 inches and I am the slowest person on the court! 

3.  I've always wanted to get in a car and drive for a little while - just see where I end up.  Stopping to meet people along the way.  I regret not doing that before I had a family.  Maybe when I am retired and my son is in college? 

4.  I really want to start getting into shape again, as I sit here eating chocolate. 

5.  I got my degree in Social Work but only worked in the field for 6 months.  Even though I'm out of that field, I do believe that each of us should volunteer to make a difference in this world, and I try to do what I can. 

6.  My mom is from Scotland, and it has been said that we are related to Robert the Bruce.  I want to start to trace our roots back to see for myself.  That is something I've always wanted to do, but it seems so overwhelming!  I'm putting that on my 2009 list of To Do's. 

7.  Someone above said something similar, but they actually had talent.  I am just an ok singer, but I am a rock star in my mind. Here's my list.


I was tagged by Shauna Nicholosn.

Edited Fri, Jan 2, 2009 4:06 PM

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