LA2M: Designing Great Presentations (or How to Avoid Undercutting Your Message)

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11:45am - 1pm EST Wednesday, February 27 2013
Conor O'Neill's (Celtic Room), 318 S Main Street, Ann Arbor 48104
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Dee on Feb 08, 2013

How many times have you sat in a presentation and felt like you were going to die from boredom?  How many times have you delivered a presentation that had people wanting to run for the aisle?  Maybe the message was great, but it got lost in a boring presentation with slides that distracted from, rather than supported, the message. We all have to communicate every day.  Whether it be one-on-one, with small groups, or to large audiences, we all have a story to tell to an audience that needs to hear, understand, and often act on what we're communicating. As marketing and sales professionals, this could not be more true.  It's up to us to help our audience get it.   

During this session, we'll take a look at the highlights of designing world-class presentations.  We'll cover tips for crafting a good story, designing effective visuals, and giving your audience something they'll always remember.   If you have to deliver sales presentations to potential customers, status reports to executives or internal project teams, pitches to angel investors & VCs, or frankly any presentations at all, this session is for you. 

Tom Crawford is the Owner, Principal, and head cook of VizNetwork, providing education and hands-on experiences for leaders who need to solve problems and communicate more effectively.   Before starting his current business, he was CEO of VizThink, an organization dedicated to the creation of a sustainable, global community of people who use any form of the visual arts for learning and communication. 

With an extensive background in technology, 2012 was Tom's 25th year as a professional programmer. However, in 2000, his career began to diverge from enterprise systems design and implementation into corporate education, simulation, and gaming. He spent 6 years at Root Learning starting the e-Learning team. Root's strong use of art and metaphor introduced him to the power of visualization for learning and communication.

He has developed extensive theories on interactivity, engagement, and visualization.  In the past several years, Tom has run workshops on learning, simulations, visualization, and communication for thousands of people all over the world.  VizNetwork is also responsible for such popular iPhone/iPad apps as VizChef, LeaseCrunch, OnStage Now! and HappyHour. He is a well-respected and often requested speaker for organizations of all shapes and sizes. 

Presentation Level: Beginner to Intermediate


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