LA2M: Increasing Search Click-Throughs with Rich Snippets

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11:45am - 1pm EST Wednesday, November 28 2012
Conor O'Neill's (Celtic Room), 318 S Main Street, Ann Arbor 48104
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Dee on Nov 09, 2012

Increasing Search Click-Throughs with Rich Snippets, Wayne Eaker of Zengenuity

In recent years, search engines have become more user-friendly by including smarter, context-sensitive results, such as local search and Google's new Knowledge Graph.  While these changes are great for searchers, they often make it hard for even top-ranked search results to grab a user's attention.  Rich Snippets are one way to make your website's search results more eye-catching and boost your click-through rates and conversions.

"Rich Snippets" refer to extra information which enhances a search result, telling you more about the website's content before clicking on it.  The most common form of snippet is the 5-star rating, but there are many others that can augment results for blog posts, products, apps and more.

In this presentation, Wayne Eaker of Zengenuity will describe what Rich Snippets are, explain what types of search results can be improved with them, and give a non-technical overview of how you configure your website to support them.  He will show some real world examples, and demonstrate tools for creating and testing your own Rich Snippets code.

Wayne Eaker is chief developer and director at Zengenuity, an Ann Arbor web development firm specializing in sites built with the Drupal content management system.  In addition to traditional websites, Wayne has extensive experience creating online stores, private social networks, and learning management systems.  He's an active contributor to the Drupal community as the maintainer of the Node Gallery  and Menu Badges modules.  In addition to development, Wayne provides Drupal training and consulting, and mentors local Drupal developers.

Presentation Level: Intermediate

Pre-registration for this event is not necessary, but it is fun to see who is attending so feel free to RSVP on the LA2M LinkedIn Group.


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