This Wednesday: Empty Conversations Made Effective for Networking

The importance of the verbal communication has been in the spotlight for a while, but what about the conversation without words – Non Verbal communication?

NVC is considered even more important than verbal communication.

When you network with other professionals, Top 5 NVC to watch out for..

  • Eye contact
  • Facial expression & Gestures
  • Body Position
  • Body Proximity
  • Para-linguistics

    Eye Contact: Eye contact is not equal to “stare into my eyes”. An appropriate eye contact helps good interpersonal relationship, regulate communication flow and a good eye contact also influences credibility.

    Facial expression & Gestures “Smiling” is probably the single most effective facial expression while networking Consider this, Same phrase said with different facial expressions

    Body Position: The way you walk, sit, stand etc. all communicate in case if haven’t noticed. Standing and walking up-straight shows professionalism, confidence. Leaning in shows interest. “Imaging someone talking to you but with their back towards you”

    Body Proximity: This is one area where you need to be sensitive of different customs, culture behavior etc. Some people perceive the closer proximity as “interest” where someone else may perceive it as “invasion”.

    Paralinguistics: Here where the “how you say it” part comes in of the verbal voice.

    • Tone
    • Pitch
    • Rhythm
    • Timbre
    • Loudness
    • Inflection

    When was the last time you enjoyed the “Monotone Speaker”, “Squeaky pitched voice”, Voice that “tore your ear drum”…probably they all conveyed an excellent message but did they communicate effectively ...ahem...

    Wishing you success practicing effective NVC for your business networking !


    More useful: Tips, Pod Casts and downloadable articles.


    Henry Joshua
    "Gateway to Your Web Identity"


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    Hi Henry:   Wow, I hope every MCCer read your post. It gives some excellent reminders about the importance of NVC. As a face reader I teach a person how to read the structure of a face to get an accurate read of their personality.   I often wish people could see themselves as they go through their day, I think it would prompt some changes on their part. If we wear a smile on our face all day we will be greeted back more often then not with a smile. Do we even know what we message our face is sending out the majority of the time, I think not.   We only get one chance to make a first impression and often it might be our only chance to make an impression. Thanks for sharing Henry!   Lin

    Profile Image for Merry Beth H. Merry Beth
    • Mon, Sep 22, 2008 7:37 AM

    Henry - EXCELLENT post!  Thanks for sharing, and thanks for reminding us all to think about the messages we are sending when peoople are looking at us.

    It is amazing how body language sells the deal with what you are really saying.  Good job.

    Great post! Here's a trick when you're in a situation that you don't know what to do with your hands....hold two imaginary candles, one in each hand. Then, hold them down at your sides and concentrate in keeping the flame away from your clothing.

    You'd be surprised how much this helps you if you're a 'fidget-er' like me!



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