Your Network is Like Your Closet

I just sent this blast:

When was the last time you cleaned out your closet?

I go through this a couple of times each year and always end up donating or throwing out way more than I expect.

While the clothes all still physically fit, they may not fit for other reasons:

  Maybe I don’t like the style any more.
Perhaps they’re a little faded.
Could be a hole in the clothes.
Maybe it was a gift that I’m clearly not going to wear.
They’re missing a button or two.

Or maybe like the B.U.M. equipment hoodie I got in 1994 and finally threw out last month they’ve totally served their time and need to move on.


If I asked you to go through your contacts right now (you should and I won’t) you may notice a similar pattern.

Haven’t talked to this person in years.
Many of your contacts moved forever ago.
Some have been retired for a while.
There are plenty of folks who have poor networking etiquette.
What about the people who always promise the world and do nothing?

You see where I’m going with this?


Last November I co-hosted a happy hour.

We invited folks on Facebook and LinkedIn and a solid group showed up.

At one point I looked over at my friend Jeff Clatterbaugh.

We were both enjoying a beer while not enjoying our respective conversations.

In that moment I knew I would never host and will probably not attend another “cattle call” happy hour.

That time of day is too valuable to me to spend it with folks I don’t necessarily want to be around.


Isn’t it?

If you agree, than I’m sure you’ll want to make the most of your networking time.

Along with a couple dozen friends, I’ve created a new, private networking club…


Club Making Conscious Connections is all about what it sounds like.

Great people here to help other great people while helping themselves.

While this group isn’t for everyone, it may certainly be for you.

If you like learning, connecting, helping and having fun, you may love it.

And maybe we’ll love you too.

If you want more info, check it out HERE or email me directly.

Consider yourself connected-

Terry Bean

I give keynote presentations, training and coach select individuals on “getting better connected”.

HERE is how you leave MCC and stop the messages from this group

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