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  • Thu, Jul 10, 2008 1:18 AM

What is Motor City Connect?
It depends who you ask. Some people would say MCC is a networking group. Others would say MCC is a community service group. We've also heard business development group, professional development group, mastermind group, business builder club, personal improvement group and a bunch of nuts. We think they're all a little bit right -- but our mission statement and vision say it best.

Motor City Connect Vision 
Motor City Connect shines a light on great things happening in Metro Detroit. We are top professionals who gather both online and offline to meet, understand and connect with business leaders. Motor City Connect is a welcoming place to network, take an active role in the community, and grow your business.

Motor City Connect Mission 
To be the catalyst for great things happening for our members and our community.

We don't have a lot of rules and rituals. We're something you want to do instead of something you have to do. We love a good laugh. We think business should be fun. We think our successes benefit the community. We are optimists. We're making a positive impact every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MCC exclusive?
No, we encourage participation in multiple networking groups, chambers and social organizations. The more the merrier. Your network becomes more valuable with each new person you're connected to. Smart business professionals fish in many ponds.

How much does MCC cost?
Although there is no fee to be a member, some of our events have costs associated with them. Check the calendar for event details.

How is MCC different from other groups?
As we are different for each of our members, our only answer for that is try us and find out for yourself

Do I have to live in Michigan or Detroit to be a member? 
No, but since we are heavily focused on improving the Metro Detroit area, it would make sense if you had some sort of ties to this town

Can you have more than one member per professional category?
We don't have any limitations regarding that. We encourage our members to practice good comperation whenever possible.

What the hell is comperation?
It's a lot like co-opetition. We hold an abundant mindset - there is plenty of business for all. We believe we accomplish more by working together.

I don't live/work in Detroit. I'm out in the suburbs.
If you live in southeastern Michigan, you live in Detroit.

Look at a globe. You won't find Rochester or Novi or Dearborn. Heck, most of the time you won't even see Lansing! You'll always see Detroit.

Detroit is a world-class city. Ask folks internationally to name three cities in America and they'll answer "New York, LA and Detroit". It's the birthplace of the car. It's the birthplace of the middle class. It's the birthplace of Motown. It's the birthplace of Motor City Connect.

It's our home. We're working to restore Detroit's promise.

How do I join?
Glad you asked! Click here and you're in! Choose your membership and start growing your network. We're still working on our secret handshake.

Can I send an email blast? 
We only use email blasts for official MCC events and announcements. With over 3500 people on the site, the email crush would be overwhelming.  Best way to promote your product, service or announcement is to make a post in the discussion boards.

Can I post an event to the calendar? 
Sure! If you have a networking event to promote, send an email to Please include your name, contact info, the date, time, location and address of the event and up to a one paragraph description of the event. We will add your event to the Networking Events calendar within 24 hours. 

Where can I get a receipt for the lunch meeting or training? 
You can download a MCC receipt here.

I still have questions!
Feel free to contact the appropriate member on our leadership team and they will be glad to assist you. If their titles don't specifically address your needs, Terry and Charlie are always more than happy to talk.

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Actually, I have a burning question!  Is it possible to have a search mechanism on the collective X site so we can look for contacts by industry/profession, as well as name?  Since we're over 1,000 strong now it would take a lot of time to click through everyone's profile and the only way to currently look for someone whose name you know is to do the alphabetic search which is still a bit cumbersome.  This is a dynamic community which has exploded in the last several months, so this is meant only as a helpful suggestion for us all to find one another easier.



Lori T. Williams, PC--Your Legal Resource; 248-594-4470  

Great question Lori.

I have two answers for you:

1.  We will be hosting FREE monthly trainings on how to use the site starting within the next two weeks.  Not only will it make this far easier to navigate, it will give you another great excuse to meet new folks.

2.  There is and has been a way to search the site since we have been here. 

Click the members tab.  On the upper right hand side you will see a search bar that says "search within this group".  You can put in any keyword you like: profession, city hobbies and results will come up.

And coming soon on the Collective X site will be even more search functionality.

Hope that helps.



Edited Thu, Jul 10, 2008 8:54 AM

BNI, LBN, SNG, and chamber networking groups have created this idea that having competitors network together is a bad thing. Experience has taught me that networking with competitors is potentially more beneficial. Once your mindset changes from entrepreneurial competitors as foes to competitors as potential for mutual offerings, supplemental resources, possible joint venture, large project collaborators, and so forth, you open yourself up to true growth and success.

This groups philosophy fosters a desire to help as opposed to a requirement to help.

Edited Sat, Jul 19, 2008 6:34 PM

One of the keys to making MCC really work for you is to make sure your profile is complete so people can find you when they do a search.

The first "How to" seminar was held several months ago after an MCC Live! event in Royal Oak. It was really helpful to me, and I was able to take my profile from 60% to 100% during that training.

Invest the time - it is well worth it!

Make your day magnificent!

- Linda

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  • Fri, Jul 11, 2008 2:42 PM

I would add to what Charlie said only that MCC will be as valuable to you as you make it.  The swimming pool is limitless, and the water is fine.  Jump in!  The more you participate, the more you'll get out of it.  This is an extraordinarily generous group of people.  You extend your hand, they'll extend both of theirs.  I have made some extraordinary contacts here, as well as formed some great friendships.  But it did take my putting myself out, and following up, etc. 

Also, I can't reiterate what Linda just said enough.  I have gone to a number of people's profiles lately, and I'm so disappointed when there's no information about you there.  And my personal pet peeve is if you don't have your picture.  PLEASE, let us know about you, and see you.  It only makes me more interested in you and in your business.  Since one of the purposes of MCC is to connect, make it easy for us to do so!

So, please, jump on in.  The water's great - particularly on a hot, muggy day like today!  See and/or hear from you soon -

Thanks so much Terry for the clarification on how to search.  I was so close to finding what I wanted all along, but didn't see where to click to get the search item I wanted.  I've got it straight now, and have been enjoying finding all the profiles and posts related to what I'm looking for.  I appreciate the technology lesson!  Lori

Just wanted to say thank you and congrats to the power team of MCC for staging another successful event this afternoon.

How do yo form a new sub-group?

I am looking for people who are into internet software development. That is my specialty, however, I am still learning even though I have 35 years of programming experience. The kind of sub-group I am seeking would have those type of people who are willing to offer knowledge for knowledge and/or service.

Also, the group should be more consolidated. What that means is that travelling more than 15 miles is a burden, when you want a face to face with other other members of the group.

That's what I am looking for, anyways.

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