All About the ASK, the intro

If I could give you just one piece of advice when it comes to both networking and universal laws of spirituality, it would be simple; ASK.

So many of us find it challenging. Like it's a sign of weakness. Or maybe you were taught that you need to make it on your own. That others aren't going to be concerned with your issues. That's old world thinking. New world thinking tells us that having the opportunity to help others actually helps us.

We can debate when "networking" commences all day long, but folks in the know recognize the concept of "givers get". Conventional thinking was that those who give a lot of opportunities will receive a lot in return. There is truth to that. What we now need to consider is that the opportunity to help someone else is also a "give". By telling others what you seek, you give them the opportunity to help you. If they do, they have both you and the universe looking to return the favor. Now that's a powerful combination. Sounds like they would be getting more than twice as much help.

This week I will share with you five different posts on the importance of a good ask. The five topics will be:

1. The components of a good ask
2. For what should you ask?
3. Who you should ask
4. How the ask relates to the universe
5. Asking is so powerful that MCC was created solely to accommodate it.

It is my intention that by reading these five posts you will understand the power that we all have to be the change we want to see in our lives, our businesses and our community as a whole.

Here's to a great week.

TOSA (To Our Shared Abundance)-

Be Great-

Terry Bean
248.224.1326 (it's almost done, but it still looks cool)


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