7 ways to get more from MCC NOW!!

I just sent this blast:

Seven steps to make better use of mcc

1. Fill out your profile. Tell us what you do, who you do it for and most importantly why you love doing it. Passion is engaging and it helps us connect with you. And for the love of Pete put up a photo of yourself. We network with people not avatars or logos.

2. Visit the site. Join the discussions. Im not sure which discussions you should join but there are some where you can add value. Find those and do so. There is a lot of action there and will be even more when you come and add your two cents. The more we share the more we all get.

3. Pick a subgroup that fits you. The subgroups are broken into two categories: Geographic and Industry. Pick one of each and participate. You will be networking with people who are more closely aligned with you when you take this step.

4. Understand your ASK. Don’t know how to ASK for what you seek? Download the whitepaper on “the ASK” on the trybean.com website. Then post it in the ASK section on the site. Post it in your subgroups. Share it as a “current objective”. Do each of these once a day for three consecutive days at different times. You will like the results. Oh and you can always share it with others at live events. 

5. Attend the live events. We put them on for you to Meet, Understand and Connect with the other members of MCC. You’ll learn new things, meet new people and may even find what you seek there. Every meeting someone does. Why not have it be you?

6. Visit the other MCC properties on the social web. We are on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook you know, basically anywhere you may find yourself.

7. Lead. Give. Guide. Help us help one another. If you have an idea worth sharing, do so. Want to see some other initiatives, let us know what they are. We exist to provide the best experience we can for the members. You’re a member, tell us how to do so!

Got other tips? Share them. Please!!

MCC Live Events

MCC Live West Tuesday, September 13 Uptown Grill in Commerce at 11:15-12:45

MCC Live Royal Oak, Tuesday, September 27 Oxford Inn in Royal Oak at 11:15-12:45

We are going to change the format a little at these meetings. Attendees are requested to bring the top 3 people with whom they want to connect. These could be future clients, business partners, employees or even potential employers. The cost is $20.00 with $13.00 of it covering lunch. Try to bring cash. RSVP early, the last Royal Oak meeting was over packed. You can RSVP by clicking the links above.

TEDx Detroit

The more time I spend talking about TEDx Detroit the more I can’t wait to talk about TEDx Detroit. This will be the best event you attend this year…I guarantee it. You will meet great people. You will be inspired. Your head will burst with all of the big ideas stuffed into it. Get more information by clicking on this: TEDx Detroit .

As always, we look forward to connecting with you online, face to face and for the betterment of us all!

Be connected-

Terry Bean

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