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I need MI-made gift suggestions

We, at www.BuyMichiganNow.com, are working on our suggestions for great Michigan-made gifts, and I'd love to have some helpful hints.  If you make a product or have a favorite we should know about, please let me know.  We are looking gifts ideal for kids or adults, men or women, old or young, republican or democrat, yada yada.  No product is too big or too small, so long as it comes from the Great Lake State.  So, what are your favs? 

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The holidays can't pass without me sending Sanders to my Aunt in Oklahoma. I know that's an obvious one, but we need to start somewhere.

Homedics does some great work as well. In fact if you know anyone there, our friend Charlie would love a warm intro to talk marketing and packaging.

I am also a big fan of Merrel shoes made by Wolverine.

Also, nothing says I love you like a brand new Dodge Charger RT with a HEMI underneath the tree ;-) Ok, maybe a Cadillac CTS or a new Corvette would.


 So many of us who sit all day long, seduced and tethered by our technology, glued to our keyboards and our flat screens and our Blackberrys and on and on...What if there was a way to allow ourselves to succumb to the seductions of these technologies but to do so in a way that we could actually experience "Heatlh Positive" benefits while sitting and doing our work as we dance with our technology and sometimes we conform to it vs. it to us.

Spinal and back health issues alone are one of the greatest reasons for workplace absenteeism.

How about a phenomenal gift for a loved one who toils away in such a workplace. From Michigan based Herman Miller....The Embody chair. See the site to learn more...


Watch in good health. Even if you can't order one in time for the Holiday gift giving season, call me at 734-904-1121 and I'd be happy to arrange for a demo and answer questions. I thought the Aeron chair was incredible and we sell 10,000 of them per week. Then I sat in the Embody chair...WOW!  

Rick Reid

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  • Sat, Nov 22, 2008 6:18 PM

I'm not sure if ArborTeas counts as "Michigan made" because the tea comes from all over the world, but it is a great local business featuring thoughtful sustainable green packaging and flavorful fair-trade and organic teas. (disclosure: they're a client of mine at work, but I was a big fan of theirs already before I worked with them).

Another idea - amazing smoked salmon from Durham's Tracklements in Ann Arbor. He is open a few days a week (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings) but he also does a mail order business.

TR also published a book this fall through University of Michigan Press The Smoked Seafood Cookbook

(noting to disclose here - T.R.'s not a client, but I'm a huge fan and relatives demand Highland or Pecan smoked salmon when I visit...!)

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These are great, please keep 'em coming.  I'm totally up for being the recipient of Terry's Corvette suggestion! 

I'm "wowed" by Filipo Marc Winery in Clinton Township, a Winery-On-Premise facility.

They make all their wines right at their facility, with grapes purchased from around the world. I had the opportunity to sample a number of their special blends - including a Pomegranate blend that could turn me into a wine-with-breakfast girl, and a warm, spiced wine that is perfect for those blustery, blizzard-condition nights in front of the fireplace. 

In addition to scheduled wine tastings, Filipo Marc Winery allows you to bring a small group into the facility to blend your own wines!  What an awesome idea.

Filipo Marc Winery;  39085 Garfield, Clinton Township, MI 48038

phone: 586-226-3990    web: http://www.FilipoMarcWinery.com

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Another favorite of mine is Zingerman's. They do a huge mail order business for the holidays and although their mail order food is "higher end" the taste and the quality of everything is delicious. www.zingermans.com

I've used Zingerman's mail order goodies in the past for business/client gifts and the recipients were very happy to receive them.

Of course, I'd be scolded and rightfully so, if I did not put my own wife's business in here. The best soup I've ever had...yes, I know. I'm biased!



Rick Reid

Edited Mon, Dec 1, 2008 8:29 AM

I sent this on to my wife. She is a "Foodie" herself and I'm sure we'll be checking out Durham's. Sounds too good to resist. I love smoked salmon. I hope we can check out Durham's.  

My wife's business is making homemade soups sold at the Jefferson Market and by on-line order....


Rick Reid

Just about everybody drinks coffee, or some other kind of fun beverage from a coffee shop. My suggestion is anything from BIGGBY COFFEE, born in E. Lansing and raised to grow 100+ stores strong in the Midwest and Southeast. Their beans are roasted in East Lansing and they use other local merchants as suppliers. You can buy their coffee whole bean, or they'll grind it for you, and with the holidays coming up I'm sure they'll be having some special gift baskets. And of course, there is always the old stand by of gift cards ... either way, I can't think of a more Michigan born-and-bred company than BIGGBY. Go to their website at www.biggby.com for more information and to find your nearest location.


... honestly I didn't mean for that to sound like a commercial.

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  • Sun, Nov 23, 2008 11:13 PM

Even with my well traveled palette, the Kruse & Muer restaurants still rank among my favorite places to eat.

Sinful, warm bread blessed wit herbs and seeds greats you at your table. The tomato based fish chowder is always a winner. Imaginative pastas from Lobster and Shrimp Fettuccine to Grilled Chicken Tortellini in a rich Tomato Cream are sure to please for an entree.

Next time you find yourself at the Village of Rochester Hills (I still call it Meadowbrook Mall) stop in for a bite. 


Support Michigan, support local farmers, support local organic farmers.  We bought a share from Danny & Michelle Lutz of Maple Creek Farms  They are taking deposits on next years shares.

You can see some of their fine produce on my flickr page here

Edited Sun, Nov 23, 2008 11:34 PM

I'm especially fond of Goodales Bakery up in Greyling MI. Every time we head up north we have to stop in and pick up a dozen or more...

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  • Mon, Nov 24, 2008 2:42 AM

Hi Everyone:

I just met a wonderful person at a chamber event that is selling Michigan made dog and cat food products that are made with NO animal by-products.  It is called qualipet and the website is www.qualipet.net.  You order online and the products are delivered to your home or office!

My cat LOVES the food. 


I make several completely original gifts. 

I live in oxford, MI.

You can see my personalized casting products at n810nc.com

I also make several wooden toys.

I have never participated in collectivex.

I'd like to learn more.


Good Morning! 

We just released "The Blisstory Journal - The Blissful History of Your Life" this week.  We are self publishing with a wonderful printer, Don, - Image Printing, here in Royal Oak.  It was our main objective to keep the product and delivery here in Michigan. (Several people suggested we have it published over seas). 

Take a look at the contents and pick up a copy or two at theblissnetwork.com.  Great holiday gift for the family - share the blissful story of you.

Blissfully yours!  Teri Williams

Gregory -

welcome to MCC!  Please post a few photos of your wooden toys on your website, or upload photos to the file section of MCC so we can get a view.  For the castings, are hands and feet the only option?

There is a fellow name Darlin Nothnagel in Monroe Michigan that makes pottery using a Huron River clay sediment glaze he developed.  The glaze is rich and warm and varies in shades from light creme to dark coffee and black.  He spent years perfecting his technique.   He makes everything from coffee cups to various dishes and even large urns.  His prices are reasonable.   You can find samples of his work at Monroe Street Gallery and other art shops in town or online at http://www.monroestreetgallery.com/DarlinENothnagel.html

Edited Mon, Dec 1, 2008 8:25 AM

There is a woman in my networking group that makes teddy bears and other items (like santa's and angel's) from old fur coats, robes, etc. Those items of clothing that you just can't get rid of because of the memories. They are beautiful!! Please let me know if you would like her phone number. I would gladly pass it on.


Another great place it Motawi tile works. You can craft your own tile and have it fired and glazed right in the Motawi facility. 



Edited Mon, Dec 1, 2008 8:30 AM

Hello Everyone-

I just wanted to add a couple gift ideas to the list for you.

First- There is a great little store located in St. Clair, MI called Riverplace Mercantile (http://www.riverplacemercantile.com/) that sells only products that are made in MI. They have a wonderful variety of hand crafted items such as quilts, jewelry, garden art and much much more along with food products that are made in MI. If any of you don't know where St. Clair is, it is located about 45 minutes north of Detroit. I know it may sound a little far away, but let me tell you it is worth the ride. You could make a day out of it on a Saturday if you wanted, there are several great shops to wander through to find unique gifts for everyone on your list as well as some great coffee shops and other places to eat. If anyone needs ideas of where to go while you are there just send me a message!

Second- I should really talk about my own business a little too! We have several holiday sweatshirts for sale that make great gifts for moms, aunts, grandmas, teachers etc. I will have pictures of them posted on our website later this week. Also, we offer custom embroidery and can personalize bath robes, towels, picnic sets, blankets and much much more for a special holiday gift. (www.danbert-ent.com)


I really like James Clary's nautical paintings.  A print of his Ambassador Bridge water color hangs next to my desk. 

Cap'n Jim's Gallery in Port Huron has a number of reasonably-priced prints and originals.  Take a look on-line.

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